Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Pro Photography Tips

Hey guys!

When it comes to content creation, I often get asked what software am I using to edit my pictures? What laptop do I use? What tools do you use? Truth is content creation primarily depends on one main tool, your brain - creativity. Combine that creativity with the right device, time, and effort and the things you can create are limitless. 

Recently, I was invited to attend a photography masterclass by HP for the launch of HP Pavilion 15! The masterclass was guided by award-winning, professional landscape photographer, Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography. The journey of enhancing your content creation is endless so it was definitely the perfect event for me to attend and get some pro tips.

The device we used in this masterclass is the HP Pavilion 15 which is a laptop suitable to all types of content creators. From creating and editing photos, creating digital artwork or watching or editing video content, this Pavilion device features graphic options up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050Ti graphics. These high-end graphics give your biggest, graphically demanding projects and multimedia experiences a boost in detail with 1080p and game without experiencing any slowdowns, hiccups, or stuttering.

Photography tips
Adam provided us with some photography tips that are very simple but can make a huge difference to the outcome of the final content. 
When composing your photos, follow the "rule of thirds", in simple terms it is a rule of thumb to follow when composing your picture by following a grid. Aligning main points of your photography with the grids will make a difference.

Watch your background
I too use Lightroom (not provided with the laptop but an affordable subscription) to edit my photos, where the device you use is important. I have edited my latest few pictures on my Instagram feed here on the HP Pavilion 15. I am pleased that although I used the laptop for a long time continuously there was no sign of heating up and the battery life lasted me throughout the whole 9 hours, I was editing with still battery remaining. 

Adam said he likes to increase the contrast, sharpen and saturation and likes to decrease a little bit of the shadows when editing his pictures. Vibrance controls the mid-tones and he likes to reduce saturation (controls all tones) and increase vibrance (increase mid-tones). 

I love that HP has aimed to make this product suitable for any type of content creators. When you're an amateur digital creative where performance and graphics are key! Whether you liked to edit and create photos, digital images, artwork and videos - the visual experience is fabulous. 

Now when you create content it is key that your laptop has to keep up with the heavy graphics. The HP Pavilion 15 has a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050Ti graphics card. If that just sounds like a bunch of words to you - don't worry.  In simple terms it features one of the most advanced NVIDIA GPU architecture ever created.

Bloggers like to work with stylish laptops, I know. The keyboard deck and cover are made from metal, a diamond cut trim on the touchpad, and geometric speaker grill pattern for a premium look and feel.
Of course, price is always important for freelancers and content creators. At £899 retail price in the UK, available through the HP store online here, it is an extremely well-priced device for all the things it offers and is able to do.  

Next week I have something cool planned and I would like to take some pictures there. I will be posting pictures on my Instagram and I look forward to edit them using the HP Pavilion 15. I'll be back soon to provide you with the content you're looking for! 

Ad - this post is sponsored by HP. However, all opinions are truthful opinions of the product.



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