Monday, August 5, 2019

RS Hispaniola| 3 Course Meal on a Ship in London

Hey guys,

I took my friend to the RS Hispaniola which is a permanently docked boat with European Restaurant.
We had the pleasure of having a 3 course meal there with a wonderful view. I usually don't write many restaurant reviews but the service at this restaurant was exceptionally well and having been a waitress in the past I always appreciate a restaurant that has good service, good service topped with beautiful location. That is what the RS Hispaniola was.
Located in the heart of the London, with London Eye as a view in the background it definitely has the nicest views. The food was priced very reasonably and the portions were excellent, I cannot complain. I was stuffed. I mean I don't write many food reviews so I'm not sure what else you'd like to tell you. I'm not a huge foodie to comment on the moisture, texture and bla bla of the food. I can just say it tasted great and my date of the evening who is a great foodie agrees. For me it ticked the main things - price (although I got gifted this experience), location, food quality, location, staff! 

I would say we went at the right time. We booked for 2.30 pm. We were there till 5 pm! I know right. We weren't rushed, it was quiet and it started getting busier towards the end of the day. I saw that at night they have cocktails and mini parties with a DJ on the ship. 
I really liked this place because it has a really fancy feel to it but at the same time it can be so casual too. It's really nice for an anniversary dinner, birthday dinner...any sort really! I've got pictures of the meals we had went to below.  

                                                                First course - Starters

                                                          Second course - Main course

Third course - Dessert 

Hope you're not too hungry! We then ended our day by going on a river cruise tour at sunset.


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