Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How to get around Cologne and Day Trips to neighbouring cities

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Since I am from Germany and travel so frequently over there, it has never crossed my mind to share all my knowledge on traveling in this country. It's not as special for me but I do know everything about it. Having said that, if I wasn't from Germany I would love to travel around here because it is a nice country.

Deutsche Bahn is the main train network provider in Germany and their website is going to be your best friend when organising your trip to look up train times.

How to get around Cologne

All the main places you'd like to see are a walkable distance from the central train station (Koln Hauptbahnhof). In fact, the cologne cathedral is right behind the train station and the main bridge that people like to see Hohenzollern Bridge (green bridge with love locks) is also a 5 minute walk away. If you get to Cologne by train your train might even cross that bridge.

Day Trips to Neighbouring cities

Now many tourists may not know this but there's something called a "Schonwetter NRW ticket". You can get it for one person which costs 31 euros or you can get a ticket for 46 euros and this is valid for 5 people. So it makes way more sense to get the 46 euro ticket if there is 2 of you.

With this ticket you can make as many trips as you want within the county known as "Nordrhein-Westfallen" (North Rhine-Westphalia). It's a day ticket but you could get as many trips as you want done in that day.

The main cities I recommend seeing from Cologne is Bonn (the former capital city of Germany), Dortmund and Dusseldorf.
Cologne to Bonn isn't far so I reckon you will also manage to go to Dortmund the same day. It really depends on how slowly you want to see each city in but if you're in Cologne you might as well see the remaining cities in West Germany. Germany is a big country, not even I have seen all the main big cities.

By the way, most counties have their own seasonal day trip ticket like this so double check. For example, there is a Baden Wuerttemberg ticket too for South-West Germany. So if you're travelling any other parts of Germany check those too!


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