Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Things you should know before travelling to Morocco

Hey guys,

There is a few things I wish I knew before I went to Morocco. So I've summarised them for you real quick.

1. "The palace is closed" - The locals will tell you that the palaces are closed. Most people will believe them, including myself. Because why would they lie about a palace being closed right? Truth is, it is a sales technique. The palaces weren't actually shut early like they said. They say that and offer you to show something else and at the end of your mini tour they ask for a kind tip. Smart.

2. You can but don't use Euros or Pounds
The locals do accept pounds in places but don't do that because they don't actually do real math and  tell you random currency exchange rates whereas if you use Dirhams, you're less likely to get conned. Always double check the conversion back to your local rate to see if they're being reasonable.

3. High Security at airports - NO drones 

Honestly, the amount of security at Morocco airport is crazy. Compared to the airports I have been to, the level of security was definitely high and it was a very long process on arrival.

4. Hotel Resorts close really early! You'd think that like in any other country the swimming pools and resorts are open into the late evening and have a lit party. However, most resorts close by 5 pm, 6 pm if you're lucky. Last entry is by 4 pm latest.

5. Jemaa el -Fna - is more lit at night than it is during the day! Whilst really interesting during the day with all the souks nearby, the most interesting part is at night when there is fresh food stalls!

Hope this was an insightful post! I will be back with more very shortly.


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