Sunday, July 28, 2019

Solo Traveling vs Traveling with Friends

Hey guys!

I have been on various different types of travels abroad now but one thought always remains - is it best to travel solo or with friends? As with anything there is pros and cons to both which I will tell you and which option you choose solely depends on the location you're traveling to and the purpose of the trip. So let me get started by stating the pros and cons.

Solo Traveling

  • you can do what you want to (pretty obvious right)
  • you get so much more done within the same time when you're alone
  • you're definitely going to have the opportunity to meet new people
  • you can get a feeling fulfilment/content/liberation/happiness. It certainly is a difficult feeling to describe but you'll know what I mean when you're out there alone
  • you will make unforgettable memories, experience, shapes you, you'll definitely find yourself
  • gets you out of your comfort zone
  • very quick and easy to organise and plan, you can go and come whenever suits you


  • if you're a content creator, specifically blogger like me who relies on someone for the pictures to be taken it can get pretty difficult to get the content pictures taken as you can't expect strangers to be willing to help you take your shots with time and effort for you (unless of course you're lucky enough to meet a content creator friend)
  • always alert - this depends on your nature but as a woman traveling alone with mild anxiety, whoever I meet I will always stay alert and not trust them fully. After all they could be anyone and telling me a fake details. I wouldn't let lose get drunk and live too wildly as if they were my closest friends

Pro + Con: This depends on how you see it. Most people you will meet are not permanent. If you're backpacking around you're going to meet so many different people. So you could see it as meeting people that will shape you and leave a mark in your life or constantly meeting temporary people may tire you out

Traveling with Friends

  • you can really let loose and make the best memories with your friends
  • content creation - you can take some fun pics for your memories or for content
  • you're not always on full alert, you can fully enjoy yourself


  • you may not be doing what you want to at all times as you have to consider everyone's wishes
  • some people travel slowly some faster, if you're there to travel and not holiday and relax as a group you might not get done as much as you would like to
  • not all friends are compatible to travel with (but not really a con, it brings out a different side to people and you'll get to see who you really vibe with even abroad, it's like living together)

As I said there's no right or wrong! I like both. However, I'm going to be traveling south east Asia soon and I've decided to go solo. I want it to be a life changing trip. I want to get out of my comfort zone and build on my skills and confidence even more. South east Asia is a good place to travel solo because there's a lot of solo travelers out there especially in Bali and Thailand.

I would've loved to take one more person with me but nobody's available or financially able to travel in the months that I will be traveling. I'm at a gap point in my life where I'll be working soon so this is definitely the right time to go and the fact that I can't find someone to travel with me is not putting me off. Don't spend your life waiting on people, do what's needed for yourself.


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