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How to book with Ryanair and have a stress free journey

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I can be considered as one of Ryanair's most loyal customers. Before I start just to clarify, I am not working on a partnership with them and I am not getting sponsored to say any of this. Over the last 10 years I have caught 60 flights with Ryanair, 40 of those were all within the last two years and prior to that I hardly left the country I lived in. 
It's all pretty straight forward things but frequent flyers are definitely going to find this as the norm whilst not so frequent flyers sometimes I noticed get a little irritated by Ryanair's rules and regulations. 
As a frequent flyer I can say, if you follow all their rules, it is very simple, hassle free. However, make mistakes and you will have an awful experience. So that is why I thought I will break it down to everyone and make the experience much easier for everyone.

Now, you can have the attitude of 'I am paying for a service, I expect to get treated better'. If you wish to get treated like royalty or anyone special and would like free drinks and food to be provided to you every few hours of the flight, I am sorry to inform you but you're not right here. If you expect that kind of service you should book with a much pricier airline and not a budget airline and still expect the same treatment. You get what you pay for. Many times have I been in the queue and overhear passengers complaining "Awful service, everything is so slow." Sorry Susie but what were you expecting to receive when you booked your flight to Barcelona for £9.99. All you can expect for that price is to land in Barcelona safely. 

 Ryanair is most suitable for passengers who would like to get from A to B for a good price with no extra expectations. Personally, I love Ryanair because it is the airline that took me to 16 different countries within my 4 years at University. As a student I am grateful, for the prices they offer and for allowing me to see the world on the small budget that I have. I am also able to visit my hometown in Germany multiple times a year for cheaper prices than catching the train from my University to London.  

Disclaimer: These are suited to Ryanair's current regulations as of 7/7/2019. However, they do update their regulations frequently so some points may not be accurate if read a lot later, specifically their hand luggage policies. 

1. Don't expect to take off and land on time

With air traffic control, cheap budget airlines never get priority. If you miss your slot, expect to be waiting till you can take off again. You would rather take off into a safe and clear sky than rush off and risk accidents right?

2. Don't rush to the boarding queue

I never understand this. *Passengers see Ryanair crew approaching and people run up to queue at the boarding gate almost running each other over.* Someone please tell me why you do this if you do. The seats are allocated. The gate will not close with everyone being on board. Why would you like to be seated on the small aircraft for any longer than you have to? Sometimes they scan your boarding pass and then you're just queuing outside waiting to be let onto the aircraft.

RELAX, SIT BACK and wait until the queue reduces to board and ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT! :)

3. Do rush to the Border Security queue

If you like to rush and save time, you know what the right time to rush and hurry is when you get off the plane. Get out and rush to boarding security as fast as you can because that is where the real queue is at. 

4. Stay up to date with luggage regulations

Over the last 3 years Ryanair went from no hand luggage, to only 1 hand luggage per person, to 1 hand luggage and extra free small hand luggage,  to no free hand luggage only paid luggage and now there is 2 types of paid hand luggage. One cheaper on board hand luggage or you pay for hand luggage that you don't want to take on board and check-in when you arrive at the airport. 

You still with me? I know it's bizarre and they need to stop changing their minds. 

Personally, I don't get the point of the check-in hand luggage. Apart from carrying less around the airport. Other than that you're better off taking it on board because if you have hand luggage only you can leave the airport straight after boarder control without having to wait for your luggage to arrive.

Point is, stick to the regulations and check them before you fly. They change more than some people's mood. 

5.  If in a hurry, take your luggage on board

Just take my advice. If you would like to get out the airport as fast as possible on departure, purchase the hand luggage that you can take on board not the check in option. During busy periods they do lose your luggage more frequently at airports or it takes forever to arrive. 

6. Be ready to walk - A LOT
The cheapest airlines get the furthest away gate from the terminal building. At very big airports you will be walking for up to 20 minutes to get to the gate. So do leave time. This is not Ryanair's choice, this is the choice of the airports. You get what you pay for. 

Image result for long walk

7.  "Boarding has commenced" - No it has not

A lot of times Ryanair switches on the "now boarding" sign on the screens and people rush to the gate and end up standing in a queue. Just be ready for that.

8. Pay for food on board

Of course they cannot offer food for the low price you are paying.

9. "PRiOriTy' - no you're not priority, sit down. 
Image result for spongebob meme

Ryanair offers priority boarding, which is actually not priority. You get priority to board the plane and you get priority when you purchase hand luggage. Meaning a lot of people have priority, because of course most people want hand luggage so have purchased it and that automatically gives you priority.
I hear a lot of people complaining "but I've purchased priority, why am I queuing still".  Honestly, just sit down. You don't want to be on the plane first, it makes no difference. I always have priority but board the plane last.   

10. Separated on board 

I would say Ryanair is best suited for solo travellers, work trips and friends on holiday. However, you would like to sit next to each other on a flight, be ready to pay a fee per person to reserve your seats. I'd say it's not worth it. If you're a young family traveling together with children, then yes definitely do this. If the total after works out cheaper to just book it via a more expensive airline where seats are included just do that. 


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