Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Things you should know before travelling to Morocco

Hey guys,

There is a few things I wish I knew before I went to Morocco. So I've summarised them for you real quick.

1. "The palace is closed" - The locals will tell you that the palaces are closed. Most people will believe them, including myself. Because why would they lie about a palace being closed right? Truth is, it is a sales technique. The palaces weren't actually shut early like they said. They say that and offer you to show something else and at the end of your mini tour they ask for a kind tip. Smart.

2. You can but don't use Euros or Pounds
The locals do accept pounds in places but don't do that because they don't actually do real math and  tell you random currency exchange rates whereas if you use Dirhams, you're less likely to get conned. Always double check the conversion back to your local rate to see if they're being reasonable.


Sunday, July 28, 2019

Solo Traveling vs Traveling with Friends

Hey guys!

I have been on various different types of travels abroad now but one thought always remains - is it best to travel solo or with friends? As with anything there is pros and cons to both which I will tell you and which option you choose solely depends on the location you're traveling to and the purpose of the trip. So let me get started by stating the pros and cons.

Solo Traveling

  • you can do what you want to (pretty obvious right)
  • you get so much more done within the same time when you're alone
  • you're definitely going to have the opportunity to meet new people
  • you can get a feeling fulfilment/content/liberation/happiness. It certainly is a difficult feeling to describe but you'll know what I mean when you're out there alone
  • you will make unforgettable memories, experience, shapes you, you'll definitely find yourself
  • gets you out of your comfort zone
  • very quick and easy to organise and plan, you can go and come whenever suits you


Sunday, July 7, 2019

How to book with Ryanair and have a stress free journey

Hey guys!

I can be considered as one of Ryanair's most loyal customers. Before I start just to clarify, I am not working on a partnership with them and I am not getting sponsored to say any of this. Over the last 10 years I have caught 60 flights with Ryanair, 40 of those were all within the last two years and prior to that I hardly left the country I lived in. 
It's all pretty straight forward things but frequent flyers are definitely going to find this as the norm whilst not so frequent flyers sometimes I noticed get a little irritated by Ryanair's rules and regulations. 
As a frequent flyer I can say, if you follow all their rules, it is very simple, hassle free. However, make mistakes and you will have an awful experience. So that is why I thought I will break it down to everyone and make the experience much easier for everyone.


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