Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Malta for 2, £289 pp Flights + Hotel

Hey guys!

This is the last post for today.

It does take me a lot of time to put these packages together, so if you do end up booking the holidays I suggest, please do so by using the links through this blog and the booking sites will know that it is through my affiliation links.

So today's last package option as requested by a follower. The request was a few nights anywhere in Europe that I recommend at the end of August. 

I have to add, August is not a month I am particularly keen on travelling, due to the high volumes of tourism and the inflated prices because of school holidays. So if I am able to I travel other months or I go to countries where I don't expect it to be as busy during August. I recommend Malta, which is a popular location among many but it hasn't been found by all yet!

Disclaimer: I am not a travel agent, I cannot control the prices are due to fluctuations and hotel rooms I post may be sold out or inflate in price by the time you book! To obtain the deals I put together, do book as soon as possible.

Location: Malta
Dates: 24th - 28th August 2019 (4 days, 3 nights)
Flights: Expedia is offering return flight for £140 pp. Leaving from Southend and returning to Heathrow Airport in London was the cheapest option, however if you're about to pay more and have a more convenient airport you can adjust this too.

Paradise Bay Hotel - the reviews for this Hotel seem great, it is like a resort and I have read about it on other travel websites. In fact it comes up as the first option when you search "what's the best places to stay in Malta". £158 pp 
They only have 1 room left at this price, don't miss it!

Another good option:
Europa Hotel -  £168 pp - this hotel is down to its final 2 rooms at this price!

I hope this package deal is useful to you guys and if you have any further questions please leave a comment below!



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