Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Magaluf, Mallorca Party Holiday for 5, £216 pp Flights + Hotel

Hey guys!

So on Instagram I get asked a lot about the holiday packages I put together for myself and I do try my best to explain but when doing this I take in many many factors into consideration I could almost write a book about it. So I thought instead of explaining, let me make it easier for you guys and start putting packages together.
It does take me a lot of time to put these packages together, so if you do end up booking the holidays I suggest, please do so by using the links through this blog and the booking sites will know that it is through my affiliation links.

So today's first package option as requested by a follower. The request was 3/4 nights in Magaluf, for 5 people, end of June and it's a part holiday:

This is the best price you will find for Magaluf when you have left to book it for now! Right in the centre and breakfast included. You can compare the other hotels and I assure you it will be more expensive. I made sure the flights are on the weekend, because during the week the clubs are not as lit. Although you can party anyway in Magaluf. 

Magaluf, Mallorca
Dates: 22 nd Saturday - 25th Tuesday June
4 days, 3 nights

Disclaimer: I am not a travel agent, I cannot control the prices are due to fluctuations and hotel rooms I post may be sold out or inflate in price by the time you book! To obtain the deals I put together, do book as soon as possible.

Departure and return flight: EasyJet flight booking £118 pp 

6.45 am from Southend Airport on the 22nd June - leaving early means you have the whole day to spend in Magaluf and no minute is waste. You'll land, look around, rest, and get ready to party Saturday night!
If you choose a different departure airport in London, prices won't vary as much. 

Return: 25th June - 2.30 pm

1st Hotel option: 
4 days, 3 nights - 3* Adults only Hotel! Often visited by party groups. 
£104 pp 

2nd Hotel option:
Lively Mallorca - Adult only Hotel
4 days, 3 nights - 3* Adults only Hotel! Often visited by party groups. 
£98.80 pp - Buffet breakfast included!! Your hangover is sorted.
Lively Mallorca only has 3 rooms left on their site! 

I personally really like the look of this hotel! It is not directly in Magaluf, it is in Palmanova, only a 7 minute drive away from Magaluf. Taxis in Palma de Mallorca are VERY cheap! This ride will not cost you more than 5 euros for everyone together - if you're getting charged more, you're getting conned. 

When I went we stayed in Palma, which was a 15-20 minute drive away, he even went on the motor was and it cost us 20 euros max. So yes it is very cheap!
Remember, if you're booking these hotels please use the links I used in this blog post by booking straight through them and I can keep providing this free service to everyone! 

Things to do in Mallorca:
If you're there to party you could just party through the whole weekend. Palma however has way more to offer than that if you have time!

El Arenal - this beach is beautiful!!! Way less packed than Magaluf beach and the water is crystal clear. You can pay for a taxi to take you there from Magaluf, negotiate a reasonable price. 
Make sure you go to Palma for a day for some sight seeing and go see the Catedral Basilica de Santa Maria. 


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