Sunday, March 3, 2019

How Strangers became Friends whilst Traveling!

Hey guys!

If there's one thing that's changed majorly in the way I travel - it's my confidence. Not only with streets and surroundings but also people. I am not scared to go up to someone to ask for directions. I remember the first time I took my mum to Paris I was too shy to approach a stranger to ask for directions. These days, I have full on conversations with strangers. It doesn't come easily and you develop it over time but taking more and more adventures.

Travelling solo to Lisbon in Portugal was the final straw to creating this confidence. People had approached me in the Hostel there and they were super kind. We talked about things and gave each other suggestions. I wouldn't say I am very naive, in fact I am quite the opposite. I am very cautious and take some time before I can trust a stranger. You should never fully trust a stranger. In Lisbon I gave my number out the first time ever to the people I had met and traveled with. It was the thought of "it's just my number, what can they do with it if I'm abroad". You aren't obliged to stay in touch with them forever but if you do like their friendship you can stay friends because why not? We meet cultures, integrate ourselves with them and learn daily.

Be open to conversation, don't reveal too much about yourself, don't do anything you wouldn't even do in your hometown. I always think to myself first "Would I do that in London?". If someone you just met an hour ago says "come let's chill at my house". I am definitely not the type to say yes to that offer in any country! Always stay in public places, go do cool things and explore with them and make life long friends!

Confidence is key! Don't be naive!


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