Sunday, February 10, 2019

Weekend trip to Budapest – Budget and Cost breakdown

Hey guys!

Last weekend I finally went to Budapest which has been a must visit winter location on my list for a while now. This will probably be my last European city break before the Summer because I am really trying to go to some of the bigger countries this year. Budapest however was very cute! The architecture around the city were beautiful and the cold weather didn’t bother me at all, although I do prefer warmer countries.

The best way to get around Budapest is on foot and I would recommend you doing that because you will be able to take in the views and still get enough done in a day.
If I had to choose between Paris and Budapest, I think I would choose Budapest, it is an excellent city to relax, have a spa day and still do fun things. If you however want to shop well, you might want to stick to Paris.
So how much did this all cost me?
Flight and 4* Hotel for 1 night - £127 pp
Airport transfers - £50 – this was in London as we chose Luton airport for cheaper tickets, but I regret doing this. The airport isn’t very accessible and some of the staff there at security was some of the rudest I’ve ever met. Next time I’ll stick to London Stanstead Airport!
Spendings in Budapest – roughly £75 but could have been £50
Total = £257 for 2 days in Budapest
I spent the minimal amount of money and to be honest I could have saved about £25/£30 but we made the mistake of getting on a Hop On and Off tour. These are double decker red bus tours that will be offered to you the moment you land and all around the city. We used the bus once so technically I paid £30 for one bus journey. The bus tour was poorly organised, and I am not sure if it was whether it was down to the company that we booked it through or if all the bus tours are like this. We were recommended the bus tour because people we know had a good experience on them. We can’t say the same for ourselves.
The buses were generally overcrowded, we got on and there were no instructions. We were supposed to receive audio earphones to listen to the tour – but we didn’t. Poor girl who was working on the bus was just falling all over the place. We didn’t really know where the bus was going and just sat on it looking out the view. I would’ve preferred to learn something about the area we passed etc. When you buy the tickets, you get told that a lot of things are included in the price and then you walk around the city looking for these stops. Maybe it was just us who had a bad experience because of our limited time there. However, even if we had longer, I wouldn’t like to spend so much time trying to find bus stops for a Hop on and Off bus tour.  The company we booked it through was called the Giraffe company.
That’s just the cost break down for now and I will be making a post with the Itinerary for Budapest soon!
Have you guys been to Budapest before? How was your experience? Have you tried the Hop and Hop Off tour before? Were we just unfortunate or are they not that good.

Let me know in the comments below! 😊


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