Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My First Hostel Experience - Home Lisbon Hostel

Hey guys,

last weekend I went to Lisbon and prior to that I went to Amsterdam and I also celebrated my 22nd birthday so the following posts are not going to be in a chronological order but I thought it would be best for me to write about the experience while it is still fresh in my mind.

In all my travels I have so far only stayed at Air BnB's or Hotels so far. Lisbon was also my first ever solo trip which I will write about in more detail. During my stay in Lisbon, I stayed at Home Lisbon Hostel and I paid 21 euros for a stay in a room shared with 3 other people and a private toilet. The prices were really reasonable and the place was well worth it. It was located in the heart of Lisbon and the staff of Home Lisbon Hostel was excellent. As I arrived there they told me all about the Hostel and provided me with a map with details of how to get around the area.

The interior of the hostel rooms and the common areas were very tidy and the staff of Home Lisbon Hostel was very approachable and friendly. I had told them that it was my first time in a hostel so they took extra care of me and ensured that I am having a good time and mange to meet people. They provided a breakfast buffet for just 3 euros which was great. Obviously you have to clean after yourself in a Hostel but for the price you pay one cannot complain.  The Hostel also has various activities for such good pricing such as a day trip to Sintra, walking tours around town and from what I remember I am pretty sure they offered surfing trips (but do double check). What I really liked about my stay was that the hostel opened up options to meet people and get to know people from various countries. On the walking tour I met 3 guys from Dubai, Colombia and the Netherlands. After the tour we decided to stay together and travel to the part of Lisbon called Belem. I was really nervous at first but once I knew that these guys were safe and I could trust them I wasn't as awkward and shy.

My roommates were a family from the US which was to my surprise as I expected to stay with solo travelers. However, anything is part of an experience and I felt safe around them. We talked to each other a little and they explained to me how the US government is structured because I am currently reading Barack Obama's book "Hope of audacity" and struggled to understand some parts as I don't know much about the US politics and their constitutions.  In return I exchanged my knowledge on Brexit as to them it is all a bit confusing and they didn't understand the purpose of it. To be fair neither do I haha.

I really believe that my entire trip would've been half as good if I didn't stay in a hostel and had the opportunity to meet people. I booked my stay at Home Lisbon Hostel through Booking.com

I would definitely recommend staying once in a Hostel when you're young and traveling solo but it is also cheap and cheerful for when you're traveling as a group. However, I have seen Hostels which aren't as great in the UK. So I would definitely read reviews on hostels and make sure it says that they're tidy and that the bedrooms look good enough. I was lucky with a good first Hostel experience but it may not always be the case. I always think, any experience whether good or bad is a life lesson.

                      The view from my room.


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