Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Ideal Friend of an Entrepreneur

Hi guys,

I deeply believe in your mindset and mood is determined by what you feed your brain and we do this on a daily basis in the most subtle ways and we may not even realise. The things we see on our social media, the people we are surrounded and their attitude toward things.

When people start a business, music career or a journey of their own entrepreneurship the true colours of most friendships tend to show. The vibes I receive from my friends toward my blogging work does definitely help me in positive ways. I've cut those that don't help me grow as a person out one by one. 

You can support an entrepreneur in many ways - by following their work, by sharing their content via social media or even referring people to the work. Content creators and business owners go through a tremendous amount of hours of work to the point up to them publishing or releasing their work and having friends that do this could mean this to them more than anything else you could do for them. I am sure that I am not talking for myself here but for the community of entrepreneurs. 

The people that entrepreneurs favour the least, are the type of "friends" that only come out to congratulate you when you are doing well and are joining your moment whilst it lasts. Or people who are only willing to work with you once you are making a positive progress and turn around and say "I knew you'll make it" but didn't actually support you in the process. You'll hear them say "congrats my girl", "that's my boy we went to school together" making sure it is clear that you are friends. Whilst this is very sweet and also appreciated, it is way more appreciated when these friends are there when you are working up to this point in your life by doing the smallest favours. This may be in my case saying things like "oh why don't you take a picture of that for your blog" or "shall I share your song".
I believe not all friends are aware of this and that's why I wanted to shed some light to this. It is in no way meant to be shady but more of a suggestion to all of you out there who may have entrepreneur friends and would like to really support them but don't know how to. And on this note I'd like to also add a warm thank you to all my friends that are continuing to support me.  



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