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How to set New Year's Resolutions that can be achieved! | 3 Simple Tips

Hey guys,

first of all I wish you a Happy New Year and I hope you have all been enjoying the festive days in the best way possible. If you have eaten too much and feel like it's time to change things in the new year, 
you have done Christmas just right. That's the point everyone gets to by the 31st December. Then the whole sensation of New Year's Resolutions begins. Some believe resolutions should not be set as it is setting thing you won't stick to anyways and way too unrealistic, others set them on a yearly basis but forget about them by the time it gets to summer.

There's one more type of people, people that set New Year's resolutions and actually achieve them. They are no different to you or me. They just know how to set them so that those New Year's Resolutions are attainable. Up until the age of 18 - I was never entirely successful at New Year's resolutions. Afterwards, I quickly learnt the trick and ever since - well the last 2 years - (I'm not that old yet!), I have been quite successful. 

This is the thought process that goes in for me personally and I see these habits within other individuals who set these goals as well.

Resolutions are AIMS for you overall GOALS or VISION.

First of all yes, there is a difference between aims and goals. Set yourself an overall goal or you may have a vision for the future in your head. Now aims are the stepping stones toward the goal or vision. New Year's Resolutions should be aims rather than goals. Time does not reset on NYE, you don't begin a new life just because the year you're in changed. It is not a time machine.

One of my goals is to TRAVEL the world as much as I can till the day I leave this earth.
See - I spoke in the present tense. It is a goal. It won't be completed just within a year.

Year 2017 - my new year's resolution was to travel within Europe
Completed - I traveled to 8 countries.

This was a smaller attainable, affordable, realistic aim that leads to my overall goal.
Now that I have completed this, my excitement will not stop me to go further.

This takes me to my new year's resolution for 2018.

Year 2018 - To save up and travel to destinations on another continent (preferably South East Asia)

It's not always good to be precise and specific. If they're too specific it makes it harder to successfully complete them. Don't set yourself up for disappointment. One thing about resolutions is that you want them to keep you going into the next year and encourage you to complete even more resolutions. 


"Year 2018 - To save up and travel to destinations on another continent (preferably South East Asia)"

I could've been more specific and said that my resolution is to travel to e.g. Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia. However, being so specific would make me think on the more negative side of things. If I ended up going to Columbia instead of Cambodia I may have not quite exactly met my resolution.

Aims - Stepping stones remember? Only set aims that can be realistically achieved in the year. Especially if they're dependent on finances such as travel. BUT that does NOT mean give up on your goals. If the finances aren't there, find a way for them to be there! You're chasing your vision, goal and dream after all! That's the whole point of setting new year's resolutions.


I mentioned ...
 Year 2017 - my new year's resolution was to travel within Europe

But guess what my resolution was for 2016?
Year 2016 - To find jobs that will not only cover my living costs but allow me to travel on top

Initially, when I set this resolution I was looking for multiple jobs. I thought there was no way one job could cover my travel expenses.
I browsed every single job in London but nothing fitted around my busy university schedule. I didn't give up though, when I was back in Germany I thought - well Germany is within the EU and I can work here too. I grew up in Germany and my German was just as fluent. I took my chances and asked around for jobs in Germany and I was successful. I found a waitressing job and the higher German minimum vague as well as the tips really covers a lot of my travel expenses. Oh and by the way my first day did not go well at all! My first day at work - experience.
I stuck around and it's 2018 and I still work in the same place.

I am sorry this post turned out to be super long but if made it till the end then you are determined enough  and I am sure you will take my advice on board and will be successful this year. I wish you a happy and successful year.



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