Monday, November 20, 2017

How you know that it’s time for some “YOU” time

Sunday night…almost Monday morning. Cosy and warm in my bed just watching things all day on a OLED Panasonic TV. Sounds good right? I’ve spent my entire weekend just doing nothing but binge watching my favourite tv shows again such as Gossip Girl, Jane the Virgin and Prison Break. It was time for a long overdue break from everything and everyone. It has never taken me this long to realise that all I needed to do was to spend some time by myself. It is so extremely difficult to overlook the minor signs that point toward it especially if you’re a very social person.
So how do you know that you just need some time for yourself?

1)     Frustration
Sometimes you’re just frustrated but there is no apparent reason for this. Nothing in your environment has significantly changed, yet you’re annoyed, stressed out or just not happy. The right word would be frustrated. I recently had a day where I just walked around moaning and nagging saying that I don’t feel quite right. I was looking for the word frustration.
2)     Constant tiredness
No matter how much sleep you’re getting, you’re just not awake.
3)     Not feeling content
Nothing makes you feel fully happy anymore. You feel half-hearted about everything you do.
4)     Easily Annoyed
You have mood swings and always feel on edge.
5)     Zoning Out, fading into your own world
You could be having a one to one conversation with another person yet get distracted by a car that drives past. You struggle to concentrate and constantly zone out to your own trail of thoughts. Your closest people around you will start noticing.
6)     Sudden unhealthy eating habits – binge eating and crazy cravings
7)     Lack of productivity
You have so much to get done yet somehow nothing is getting done at the same pace as you used to.
8)     Lack of sleep
9)     Restless routine
When you’re always surrounded by people and just have a fully packed schedule it will get to you sooner or later. The only way to stay sane is by giving yourself breaks where you are just by yourself.
10)  Other’s issues filling your head
If you’re the friend that always listens to others’ problems and are giving advice it can become difficult. Especially when your own life is getting hectic and other issues are also on your mind. The only way to help the situation is to give yourself a break and just rest.

I have been feeling all of these things lately so if you can relate to more than 2 things on this list, it’s time for you to make sure that you make no plans with anyone next weekend and just do the things you like doing by yourself. Watch a few movies, treat your skin with face masks or just catch up with sleep. Your health goes before anything else, remember that! Happy Monday guys! 


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