Thursday, August 17, 2017

Results Day: Tips for UCAS Clearing!

Hey guys,

Congratulations to all of you out there who got their results today. Whether you got the results you wanted or not be proud of yourself because you made it to the end of your journey at school. Now, if you didn't get the results you wanted, you may have been rejected from the firm or insurance university. Don't panic! Calm yourself down first, it is NOT the end of the journey for you! If you really want to go to uni you can. Let me tell you that I was a clearing student myself and I didn't get the grades I wanted and thus got rejected from my firm and insurance  university. However, there was clearing and the university I got into from clearing is where I'm really meant to be at. University of Kent. I know this because the University of Kent was one of my 5  Universities that I applied for but I didn't firm or insurance it. I went to an open day at Kent and I didn't like it and rejected it. But look where I am now, I ended up going to Kent and I absolutely LOVE my university experience there. It turns out the day I went to Kent for the open day was during university holidays, that's why it was so empty, it was raining as well. I just got the wrong image when I went. Neither can I imagine what my life would've been like if I went to my firm or insurance university. I do think that I wouldn't have fit in there now. I blossomed in university, my confidence is much higher now, I've never felt happier and more comfortable with myself.

I know some of you are having thoughts like - It's so embarrassing all my friends got into the university they wanted to but I didn't. Or some of your friends got a confirmation email from their university before they even got there but you didn't. You feel stuck. You don't know what you even want to study anymore. You don't know if university is right for you. You don't know if any university is going to take you now.


Just remember, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I deeply believe this.


Now there's UCAS clearing! I'll explain to your everything about it. On results day universities open up extra positions in courses. In clearing you call up the university, you tell them your grades and they'll have access to your UCAS application as well. If they are pleased with you they will take you.

Clearing lines are extremely busy!! Don't give up and hang on. Call all the various universities you would be interested in. Entry requirements DROP on clearing day! They negotiate with grades as well. They actually aren't too strict.
You CAN apply for more than one course through clearing.

REMEMBER, universities are institutions, businesses - they want to give away their places in their courses! Practically they're selling something to you. Thus don't just go into a really low ranked uni at clearing if you think it's not going to help your future. Only take it if you're fully happy with the university and the course. Don't go there without being too sure! Remember you can always take a year out and then try again.

Now you may have to consider a change in courses. Only take a difference course than you wanted if you truly like it and can imagine yourself studying it intensely for a minimum of 3 years. If you can't imagine yourself doing any other course, check if their is a "foundation year" available for your course. A foundation year is an extra year which is considered as stage 0. It will help you to fill all the gaps you have and at the same time you'll be at university getting used tot he environment. You have a whole year to enjoy as a fresher and when you get to actual year 1 you'll be able to focus fully. If you struggle to stay focused and struggle to get used to a completely new environment, you should possibly consider a foundation year. It is an extra £9000 debt though but it prepares you well for university. It doesn't count toward your final university grades.

DON'T just accept the first university UCAS clearing offer you get to any university through clearing and any course because you're desperate to find a place. They usually give you a minimum of 24 hours to decide if you'd like to accept their offer. I almost did that and almost went to Hull! For me personally that would've been way too far away from home. I'm so glad I didn't rush things.

Please don't think too deeply about what other people will think about you. This is YOUR life. This decision changes everything for you after all, not for them. This shapes YOUR future. Once you get to university, everyone is just happy that they made it there, it doesn't matter HOW you got there. Your journey shapes you as a person. Makes you wiser. So do what's best for YOU!

I wish you all the best. I hope this will help you a little to get a clearer mind. Remember don't make a rushed decision! If you have any questions, I'll be checking my email regularly today I'll help you out!
I'll be posting more university related things over the next few days.


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