Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Why I unfollowed people on social media after High School!

Morning guys!

Whenever I meet someone from high school, they're surprised, shocked and confused when they realise how much I have changed. Let me picture an image of myself back in 2013 to you guys. I was the quiet one in school. Not the one that nobody knows but the one that hides in their friends' shadow. From reading through my diary I can tell you I was depressed without even realising that I was. I seemed pretty normal to the outside world and I was but there was a lot going on in my brain. In high school, you automatically fall into a group. It's going to stay that way. I was never anybody's top option, when choosing sports teams? Yeah I was the kid who got chosen as one of the last people onto a team.

If you meet me now, you'd describe me as confident, happy, bubbly and motivated. I see the positive in everything now. I wasn't any of those things back in 2013. I didn't just fall over one day and hit my head on a stone and magically became a new person. It was a time consuming process but only because I didn't know what to do to get out of that dark place. I want to make sure that if you are feeling like you could relate to me in the slightest way that you know how to get out of that dark place in your mind.

The first thing I did after leaving high school was - believe it or not this is what helped the most - I unfollowed everyone but my close friends on social media. I kept those who I needed in my life. Don't get me wrong, if I unfollowed you it's not because there is anything wrong with you but it's because I most likely looked at your life on Instagram and envied you. I wanted to be pretty like you, popular like you or to be liked by everyone like you. The moment you stop comparing yourself to others is when you become happy. Back then the number of likes and looking at who liked my pictures mattered so much to me. Right now? Let me tell you that I've turned my Instagram notifications off. I wouldn't even notice if you liked my picture or if you haven't. Those things don't matter to me anymore because I realised there's more to life than that.

Do you know what I have realised now? Those popular kids I looked up to and compared myself to? Their lives were nowhere near perfect, they had problems too. Don't let social media deceive you into anything. If you're still in school and feel the way I used to feel - I promise you it gets so much better!! The real world is amazing. Focus on yourself and do the things you love. The people who didn't speak to me back then, speak to me now, but I no longer need them in my life. Just smile, be nice and just slay!! Don't be like them, don't be the bully.

Stop looking at others! I don't follow any celebrities on social media - only Shay Mitchell. She's perfect aha I do need some sort of inspiration.

My weight loss after high school? Once I stopped comparing I focused on myself, things I wanted for myself. At university I started blogging and vlogging more than ever. I found new friends, I joined a sports team, I embraced myself.

Embrace yourself and you'll get far! I can't even tell you how much doing these things has helped me to be positive and satisfied with myself.

Scroll down for some pictures of me in high school...I'm telling you I'm a different person now it's visible!


Year 11 Yearbook

Final year Prom 2015


Monday, July 17, 2017

Second time lucky: Cost break down for 3 days in Amsterdam

Hello my beautiful readers,

it's been a while but I have been staying very active on other social media for you guys. To quickly update you guys for those of you who don't have me on social media - Another uni year has come to an end, just before it I went with my society committee at uni to a beach trip following that I flew out to Tenerife with my best friend. From there I went to Germany and from Germany I traveled to Amsterdam with my German childhood friend Jenni. Hope that update wasn't too confusing aha?

But if you want visuals to all this check out my youtube channel and you could actually watch my videos from all those adventures. Youtube Channel - UndercoverChick

A few years ago I booked a trip to Amsterdam with my mum as a mother's day git. That day due to my error we missed the coach and we didn't end up going. To this day I felt sad and satisfied but I finally thought it's time attempt going there. Second time luck aye? Oh and btw I'll make it up to my mum I'll take her somewhere else. 

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and if you consider going there I'd say 3-4 days is perfect you don't need to stay longer. However, if you decide to stay longer that's cool too there's plenty to do in the city.

Cost break down: 

Travel and accommodation:
For 2 nights at an airbnb and travel by coach 150 euros!

By coach the earlier you book the cheaper, the same for airbnb. We only booked 2 weeks before. Our airbnb was beautiful! I'd recommend having a look there, cheaper than hotels and I really liked the fact that our hosts were great and gave us advise on where to go. A lot of times they help you out when you book an airbnb so definitely try it! 

I'd say 100 euro is needed. Unlike a beach holiday to Spain food is a little bit on the pricier side of things in Amsterdam. 

Depending on what kind of things you want to do the budget would have to be higher. If you are just going to look around you wouldn't need more money. If you want to shop take at least 200 euros with you, they have some good shops there. For museums I'd allocate 100 euros (maximum). The whole trip cost me 450 euros. Only because I shopped a lot! You don't actually need that much. You could be fine with 300-350 euros. 

I hope this helps! If you have any questions comment below or contact me on Instagram! :) 


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