Wednesday, May 24, 2017

APPARENTLY Strong Minded, Independent Women are 'Sluts'

Of course in 2017, yes we have got to that stage where we are celebrating female power, independence and success. Don't get me wrong I am not specifically a feminist but for many years 
women have been fighting for equal rights. The dark remnant that remnant being the word "slut" has been lingering around for a while now and for the first time I am starting to get affected by this term. Previously whenever women got angry by females or males calling them sluts I never understood how angry it could make one. 
So when have you started linking the term "independent woman" to the term "slut"? Recently a friend of mine's boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend - called me a "slut" for no reason whatsoever - maybe because I was trying to help my friend and it got to his insecure side of things. I am not the type of person to let words get to me or even feel simply offended by words, however, this triggered immediate anger within me and I am not going to let go of it easily because you don't tell a girl or woman who is working hard towards her goals a "slut" just because she is striving to reach her goals. I was wondering - what made him call me that? Because honestly, I can't think of a single reason that would "qualify" me as a slut. Let's look up the definition of "slut" shall we?
According to Google...
"A woman who has many casual sexual partners"
"A woman with low standards and cleanliness"
I then called up my friend again and asked her - what does he dislike about me so much that he decided to call me that word. He barely even knows me, so what gives this boy the right to just randomly call me that word? She then told me that it was linked to the fact that I blog - that I'm out there as a public figure - people are able to see what I do and where I am and what I wear. Just because males follow me on social media does that instantly mean that I am speaking to any of them or sleeping with any of them? What makes you think that you know everyone inside out. Does that automatically make me a slut? 

EDIT: Just to elaborate this is not to defend myself, because I am not the one to be taking things to heart. Along the way women get a lot of things thrown at them. I'm not the first to write this type of post either and many women keep writing about it again and again. The reason I wrote this in the moment is because I want people to see what goes through a person's head when a word has been thrown at them. The influence it can have on someone. I started my blog as "undercover" chick so that I can come online and write about my feelings in the hope that maybe someone out there can relate to me, not because I want to convey my opinion to you. 

I am open to criticism and you may not agree with me but you can only fix mistakes if you make them and I haven't made any in this case. For those of you who feel have been affected by this kind of experience it's literally just a word, don't let a word put you down or define you. There are so many better and empowering words to describe you. Let your success define you, not your obstacles on the way.

We should all be celebrating each other's successes not shame each other!


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