Wednesday, May 24, 2017

APPARENTLY Strong Minded, Independent Women are 'Sluts'

Of course in 2017, yes we have got to that stage where we are celebrating female power, independence and success. Don't get me wrong I am not specifically a feminist but for many years 
women have been fighting for equal rights. The dark remnant that remnant being the word "slut" has been lingering around for a while now and for the first time I am starting to get affected by this term. Previously whenever women got angry by females or males calling them sluts I never understood how angry it could make one. 
So when have you started linking the term "independent woman" to the term "slut"? Recently a friend of mine's boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend - called me a "slut" for no reason whatsoever - maybe because I was trying to help my friend and it got to his insecure side of things. I am not the type of person to let words get to me or even feel simply offended by words, however, this triggered immediate anger within me and I am not going to let go of it easily because you don't tell a girl or woman who is working hard towards her goals a "slut" just because she is striving to reach her goals. I was wondering - what made him call me that? Because honestly, I can't think of a single reason that would "qualify" me as a slut. Let's look up the definition of "slut" shall we?
According to Google...
"A woman who has many casual sexual partners"
"A woman with low standards and cleanliness"
I then called up my friend again and asked her - what does he dislike about me so much that he decided to call me that word. He barely even knows me, so what gives this boy the right to just randomly call me that word? She then told me that it was linked to the fact that I blog - that I'm out there as a public figure - people are able to see what I do and where I am and what I wear. Just because males follow me on social media does that instantly mean that I am speaking to any of them or sleeping with any of them? What makes you think that you know everyone inside out. Does that automatically make me a slut? 

EDIT: Just to elaborate this is not to defend myself, because I am not the one to be taking things to heart. Along the way women get a lot of things thrown at them. I'm not the first to write this type of post either and many women keep writing about it again and again. The reason I wrote this in the moment is because I want people to see what goes through a person's head when a word has been thrown at them. The influence it can have on someone. I started my blog as "undercover" chick so that I can come online and write about my feelings in the hope that maybe someone out there can relate to me, not because I want to convey my opinion to you. 

I am open to criticism and you may not agree with me but you can only fix mistakes if you make them and I haven't made any in this case. For those of you who feel have been affected by this kind of experience it's literally just a word, don't let a word put you down or define you. There are so many better and empowering words to describe you. Let your success define you, not your obstacles on the way.

We should all be celebrating each other's successes not shame each other!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

"I want to be like you" Be content, be happy.

Many years ago when I started writing blog posts I wanted to find a space where I could write for people and hopefully they get inspired by it. 

The reason I am writing this blog post is because I want people to realise that you do not have to have everything to be able to do what you want. Many bloggers these days almost represent a lifestyle that is almost impossible to establish unless you are a blogger yourself. The items they own have most likely been gifted to them from companies because this is a great marketing technique. Of course, this is totally acceptable but what is important to me is that this kind of "luxurious" lifestyle shouldn't be the reason why people feel unsatisfied with their own lives. 

One thing I can honestly admit is that I am content with my life. I may not have everything yet I am happy with what I have. Don't get me wrong, being content doesn't mean that I can't strive for more and have goals - which you guys should know by now I of course have! Recently, I received a message from a reader telling me that they look up to me because they wish they had as much money as me to be travel so much and that they'd like to be like me. This is where I thought it's time I make everything clear to you guys.

You don't have to be "rich"  to be able to do what I do and I always try to make this clear but it is important to me that nobody forgets that I am a very average girl who just goes the extra mile to do the things I want to do. It doesn't get handed to me easily no, when I'm not blogging or at uni studying I'm in  Germany working as a waitress. In the summer holidays I will be working throughout to fund my travel costs for 2018.
Don't get me wrong I am very happy that I am an inspiration to someone out there but please don't think I have everything. I find a way to do the things I want to do and work very hard for it. 

Wherever in the world you are, I want you to know that you can aim for anything you want and also achieve anything you want. Don't aim to be like someone else but aim to do something that will bring you true happiness. 


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meet S.A.M!

Hey guys,

It has been a while since I've introduced an artist, performer, entertainer or just an inspirational person to you guys. I have previously interviewed Make Up Artist - Vithya Visvendra , Dancer - Krrish Siva, Model - Sabby Jey.

While I took a break from introducing artists to you guys I have found lots and lots of new artists on Instagram. It is amazing how much talent you can just find on Instagram by clicking through different artists that support each other as well as the people involved in the production process.

Anyhow on my Instagram search sessions I came across S.A.M.

 Samuel or Sam as most people call him- is a 19 year old musician and student. He currently is in his first year at City University studying Economics. He says he has always been in and around music and started playing piano at about 6 years old alongside violin. 
He's clearly good at what he does but I wanted to find out some more things about him. I've asked him to introduce himself to you guys and followed up with a few interesting questions. 

"I gained the God given ability which I'm truly grateful for, which is to be able to play by ear. (In simple terms it means I can hear a melody or a song and basically work it out on the spot and play it). However rapping I started pretty young which people don't really know about me. In year 4, I was sitting on my table with my two mates Anthony and Ryan, Anthony was writing "bars" on a piece of paper. At the time I listened to rap music and stuff but didn't really understand what that even meant, I can't lie. I saw him doing it, and then was like why not so I went home tried doing it. I still remember my first ever lyrics. Sooo cringe. I used to call myself Fire Kid and do the rap "I spit like thunder I spit like wind cos u know who I am I'm fire kid..." Very basic indeed. However it sparked from there, over the years I guess I grew fonder to music. Many people don't know but I did quite a lot of extra curricular asides music including drama which I was also heavily involved with. 

I started taking it a bit more seriously I'd say from about Year 10. I was always the first to volunteer to rap or perform in assemblies or class shows, always loved to showcase my musical ability etc. I guess coming from Asian stereotypes it is hard to sometimes pursue something that is not classed as "academic." Hence, like a lot of Asian kids I was led in an academic route but I always did music on a side. 

People were always telling me to start up a Youtube channel, so I eventually did at the end of year 11. At first it was piano covers then slowly raps over well known instrumentals. 

I created the concept of calling myself S.A.M- to obviously say my names Sam but also to stand for "Spirit And Music." Thought long and hard about the concept but it made sense, the two things that ultimately always drove me forward in life was my religion (spirit) and music. Religion plays a big part for me, also because mainly through church playing did I become diverse myself and allow understanding of different music. From classical to carnatic (Western to Eastern music).

Despite this until my tune "6 feet under" , "See You" and the tune "Its only You" a Jegz tune which I  featured on - I don't believe I was taking the music on the side thing seriously until I worked on these songs. 

Who inspired you to start releasing your own songs?

Inspiration  to write my own songs- to be honest that is a question I've never properly thought about. I'd like to think it's a lot of personal experiences, problems and situations I've seen or encountered. Good events etc. For example 6 feet under was written over the course of a year while I was in year 12 at sixth form, it characterises all the events that affected me during that time with deeper meanings, the metaphors were meant to symbolise my inability to ever talk about those things to a lot of people in a straight up manner hence I disguised it.
This may sound weird - I love words, the way you can manipulate them, phrase them its just mad. That along with rhythms was mad. 
But yeah, I try to progress as an all round musician, not just an artist or just a rapper or a pianist. 

What were the responses like after you released 'Let's See Why You Came'?
Onto my latest single, "Let's See Why You Came". Honestly I was pleasantly surprised with the extent of the positivity around the song. Loads of people loved it. I receive messages everyday from someone new saying that they play it all the time etc. I went about writing let's see why you came how I write most my songs. There are two times when someone like me writes their lyrics, 1) train journeys  2) when I'm feeling some kind of mad emotion or feeling about something.

What are your plans for your future, in terms of your music career?

For the future- I just want to branch out a bit to create a larger audience and fanbase. Don't get it twisted, love the current support I'm getting however I want to break out of just the Tamil stereotype and allow my music to be heard by everyone and anyone, since my music is applicable to a wide range audience. Definitely more collaborations to be done soon with other artists as long as a lot of solo tunes,  once exams are over and summer hits then things will start happening. 

How did you go about releasing a whole song? Did you just decide to write a song one day and then started looking for people who could help you with it or how exactly did you manage to do it?

For let's see why you came - in all honestly the song was written in a 40 minute train journey into central. However the level to which it was pushed to become a video on a major platform like GRM DAILY was mainly due to Mr Saj. He pushed me to make this song a big vision we got the video done  within two days after me and Saj had a conversation about it. Big up 821 media for the video. Then Saj connected the links to GRM to get them to upload, I can proudly say we didn't pay our way onto the channel. 

Have you experienced any negative responses? How do you deal with it?

Of course being in this particular industry there has always been hate, whether it be for my race, or for some petty reasons. It hurts more when its within a race that usually supports your grind. In any career pathway in life you will experience hate, if it's positive criticism then you should take it on board, if not then you should take it in one ear and out the other. In my opinion- focus on yourself and your craft and work on it. To this day I still sit down to try and perfect flows, to redraft lyrics, work out new melodies etc. Nothing happens overnight. Recently as well I have been getting more into production of my songs as well, it doesn't feel fair on myself playing various instruments and being musical if I don't start producing so definitely going to invest in equipment and start doing that. 

How do you manage with all the workload and exams and promotion? Do you get any help with it?

I am still in uni studying Economics. It is difficult to balance both, without a doubt. Hats off to any other artists doing that. My plan is to keep growing music on the side till the point one day I will either be in a position where I can solely focus on music or go into production and bringing up new artists. However having said this I do push promotion thoroughly by myself, my main platform currently is Instagram. However I am looking to become well known on other social platforms as well but baby steps at the moment. 

Expect lots of new music soon. Just dropped a quick freestyle on my birthday in the middle of exams to demonstrate the grind don't stop. 

Sam is one of my favorite upcoming artists and I can tell that he will keep growing and share more music with us in the future. All the best to him! You guys should check out his music and do let me know what you think.

If you wanna have a look at his work check out his social media handles! 

Twitter: @spiritandmusic
Facebook page:
Soundcloud: S.A.M



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