Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Story Behind My Tattoo

Hey guys,

In March I finally got the courage to go and get the tattoo done that I have wanted for years. I wanted to be ultimately sure even though I knew I was so I waited for 5 years. I wasn't sure about the location of the tattoo because I really badly wanted it on my arm - because of the purpose of the tattoo. I wanted it to be visible to me at all times but that's also where the downside comes to it, because it is always visible I was worried about job interviews and people not taking me. After a long thought I was sure it was either between not getting it all and if I get it I only wanted it on my arm. I wouldn't have been satisfied with the tattoo on my neck for example even though it is a nice location for a lotus tattoo.

If it comes to a job interview I can wear long sleeve or cover it up. I got it done slightly lower than my wrist so it is not always visible and easier to cover up when needed.

So the story behind my tattoo...I don't talk much about my childhood and I like to keep it to myself. The meaning of the tattoo is that the lotus flower can grow in a muddy pond yet blossom into the most beautiful flower. It symbolises that we can overcome all obstacles that come on our journey and flourish. This statement really motivates me to keep going with what I do. It motivates me to keep working hard and this is the reason I wanted it to be visible. In exams, while studying, when I'm sad - during all difficult situations I can always see it and remind myself to not give up striving for what I want. 

Did it hurt? Yes there was pain involved, but it was bearable. I loved the adrenaline rush. It was a good kind of pain if that makes sense. I was so excited as soon as I saw half of the tattoo in my skin.

Would I ever get a second tattoo? No, not for now. Only because I can't think of anything that I would want tattoo'd. I have always wanted the lotus because it has a deep meaning to me. I would only get something tattoo'd if it has a deep meaning to me, but that's just me.


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