Monday, April 3, 2017

How to go to Brussels, Belgium with a £100 budget! Travel costs included!

Hey guys!

Back in January I went to Brussels and you may have seen the vlogs on my youtube channel already. If not watch the videos below and don't forget to subscribe as I update my blog and vlog alternatively. It's time I tell you guys how I afforded to go to Brussels in the middle of January, being a student. I didn't become a blogger because I had the money to do all these cool things and wanted to show people. In fact I found my own ways of doing what I want to achieve in life without floating in money and I made the blog to share with those of you who would like to do the same!

So this trip to Brussels cost me under £100, £85 to be exact. I will break down to you guys  how exactly I managed to do this. As Brussels is not really a big capital yet a beautiful place I read on most travel pages that passing through there and only spending one day there is plenty of time.

Timeline of our Trip to Brussels and costs

Friday night - Train from Canterbury (uni location) to London £8.90 - I have a rail card if you coach it only £5 but longer travel time!

Friday - 11pm - Coach from London Victoria to Brussels - slept comfortably on the coach
7 am arrival at Brussels North Station
Bought a day travel pass (valid on buses and metro) around 7 euros only!! valid for 24 hours
9 am - went to Saint Michel et Gudule cathedral - beautiful place - free no costs involved, we did donate a little in the donation and maintenance box
10 - 12 pm - arrived in centre Brussels and found a souvenir shop to buy for our friends - 5                   euros
- found a breakfast place - ate and drank plenty - 15 euros (max)
12pm onward - used the metro and walked around Brussels to look at places
3pm - Late lunch - tried Brussels style Fast Food place - Chips and Baguette very filling - only 5 euros!
4pm - traveled to outskirt of Brussels to visit atomium in Brussels!
6pm - Went to the shopping mall nearby walked around, ate at McDonalds (5 euros Max!)
11 pm - coach back to London

Any other costs: Chocolates for my family, tips

- arrived in Victoria London in the morning, £8.90 + minimal tube fare in London roughly total £10 to get back to Canterbury

The ticket to Brussels was £30 including return!

Total spending - 37 euros and 50 pounds. I may have spent +10 euros on chocolates/snacks

Nevertheless, it is totally do able! I even had 15 euros left in my purse.

Quick tips: Book your coach ticket early (I did it in December), don't work on a tight schedule we purposely booked our return past 11 pm as we didn't want to miss it.
Take extra money with you just in case but you most likely won't need it.

We ideally wanted to go to Mini Europe but it was shut in that period and we didn't know but it would've perfectly fit into the budget too.
Don't forget to pre-plan the trip by looking up the attractions and their opening hours.

If you wanted to see the world, you can!! Don't stop yourself. One by one. I have been working to save up for bigger holidays but at least I have covered the small things I can. If you want something you can get it! Just work for it.


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