Thursday, April 27, 2017

How I Study For University Exams

Hey guys,

I've been asked how I study for my university exams as it is exam season and everyone is stressed, including me. I start off by making notes for every single exam module. If you are a good student and have been doing what you are supposed to do then you should have a set of notes by now already and you can already move on to the studying part. However sadly I'm not one of them and I'm in the note writing process. Don't panic though it is doable. Somehow I always get it done.
 Many say writing notes is a waste of time which I totally disagree with. Yes it is a time consuming process but once it is done they're so helpful. I don't like the thought of not having notes - imagine on the night before the exam you are unsure on something - I am certainly not going to pick up a textbook and start reading the whole topic..

Keeping it concise  

Once I have made lecture notes for each exam (I have a folder for each module), I work on producing a more summarised version - that's where my flash cards come in. I summarise my notes and choose what I struggle to remember and the most important key words - trigger key words. I learn what's on these flash cards and if I want to read about something in detail I go to my notes and read about it.

Stay active on the go
The problem is I'm always on the go and don't have enough time sometimes. So I decided to put on the go revision notes into my little book as seen on the picture above. It has pictures and little notes in it. Remember every time you rewrite something your brain is processing it.


I can't stress how much posters on the wall help. I think it is almost magical how I can write anything and put it up on my wall and somehow I automatically remember it all off by heart. You won't realise how much attention you pay to your room. You walk in and out so many times in a day and your eyes and memory are amazing. Make sure the things you write on there are not in size 2 font. Make it clear and visible! It definitely works for me. I cover my whole house in notes.

Practice is key!!! It's good when you know your content but sadly exams don't really test this these days. Most of the time students are more successful when they just learn how to answer exam questions and expose themselves to past papers more than their notes themselves. Last minute tip - if you are seriously running out of time do not waste time trying to write notes! Use your past papers to make notes on the questions that have previously come up and make sure you know how to answer them.

Specific to university - answers and mark schemes to your past papers are most likely not provided. They aren't for me anyways. So sit together with your course mates and work on a set of answers that you think are correct and make sure you learn the right answers.

I hope this helps! All the best with your exams.


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