Thursday, April 27, 2017

How I Study For University Exams

Hey guys,

I've been asked how I study for my university exams as it is exam season and everyone is stressed, including me. I start off by making notes for every single exam module. If you are a good student and have been doing what you are supposed to do then you should have a set of notes by now already and you can already move on to the studying part. However sadly I'm not one of them and I'm in the note writing process. Don't panic though it is doable. Somehow I always get it done.
 Many say writing notes is a waste of time which I totally disagree with. Yes it is a time consuming process but once it is done they're so helpful. I don't like the thought of not having notes - imagine on the night before the exam you are unsure on something - I am certainly not going to pick up a textbook and start reading the whole topic..

Keeping it concise  

Once I have made lecture notes for each exam (I have a folder for each module), I work on producing a more summarised version - that's where my flash cards come in. I summarise my notes and choose what I struggle to remember and the most important key words - trigger key words. I learn what's on these flash cards and if I want to read about something in detail I go to my notes and read about it.

Stay active on the go
The problem is I'm always on the go and don't have enough time sometimes. So I decided to put on the go revision notes into my little book as seen on the picture above. It has pictures and little notes in it. Remember every time you rewrite something your brain is processing it.


I can't stress how much posters on the wall help. I think it is almost magical how I can write anything and put it up on my wall and somehow I automatically remember it all off by heart. You won't realise how much attention you pay to your room. You walk in and out so many times in a day and your eyes and memory are amazing. Make sure the things you write on there are not in size 2 font. Make it clear and visible! It definitely works for me. I cover my whole house in notes.

Practice is key!!! It's good when you know your content but sadly exams don't really test this these days. Most of the time students are more successful when they just learn how to answer exam questions and expose themselves to past papers more than their notes themselves. Last minute tip - if you are seriously running out of time do not waste time trying to write notes! Use your past papers to make notes on the questions that have previously come up and make sure you know how to answer them.

Specific to university - answers and mark schemes to your past papers are most likely not provided. They aren't for me anyways. So sit together with your course mates and work on a set of answers that you think are correct and make sure you learn the right answers.

I hope this helps! All the best with your exams.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Story Behind My Tattoo

Hey guys,

In March I finally got the courage to go and get the tattoo done that I have wanted for years. I wanted to be ultimately sure even though I knew I was so I waited for 5 years. I wasn't sure about the location of the tattoo because I really badly wanted it on my arm - because of the purpose of the tattoo. I wanted it to be visible to me at all times but that's also where the downside comes to it, because it is always visible I was worried about job interviews and people not taking me. After a long thought I was sure it was either between not getting it all and if I get it I only wanted it on my arm. I wouldn't have been satisfied with the tattoo on my neck for example even though it is a nice location for a lotus tattoo.

If it comes to a job interview I can wear long sleeve or cover it up. I got it done slightly lower than my wrist so it is not always visible and easier to cover up when needed.

So the story behind my tattoo...I don't talk much about my childhood and I like to keep it to myself. The meaning of the tattoo is that the lotus flower can grow in a muddy pond yet blossom into the most beautiful flower. It symbolises that we can overcome all obstacles that come on our journey and flourish. This statement really motivates me to keep going with what I do. It motivates me to keep working hard and this is the reason I wanted it to be visible. In exams, while studying, when I'm sad - during all difficult situations I can always see it and remind myself to not give up striving for what I want. 

Did it hurt? Yes there was pain involved, but it was bearable. I loved the adrenaline rush. It was a good kind of pain if that makes sense. I was so excited as soon as I saw half of the tattoo in my skin.

Would I ever get a second tattoo? No, not for now. Only because I can't think of anything that I would want tattoo'd. I have always wanted the lotus because it has a deep meaning to me. I would only get something tattoo'd if it has a deep meaning to me, but that's just me.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cystic Acne - my NEW treatment

Hey guys,

I have posted a video on instagram with my internal and external treatment for my cystic acne. Cystic acne is caused hormonal imbalances in your body and therefore trying external treatments only to maintain a hygienic skincare routine will not be enough. You need to get to the root of the problem and solve the hormonal imbalance. I have previously told you guys that I got prescribed the birth control pill by my dermatologist in order to balance these imbalances. I have been taking it for almost 2 years now and it works great! However, I started being concerned as I did not want to be dependent on the birth control pill all my life and it does come with its side affects such as the increased risk of forming blood clots in your veins. This is when I did my research and started looking for an alternative. I have stopped taking the birth control pill.

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)

I recently found this amazing product and it works great for me! When I researched about it overall there is a great result for most people but it does not work for everyone. I did want to take the chance and hoped it would work for me. I have only taken it for a week but I can already see major improvements and it definitely works. My skin is starting to feel more even and the cystic acne spots on my skin are slowly drying out and reducing in size. I have oily skin due to hormonal reasons and EPO has made my skin less oily!!  It is also known to be used for other things such as pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) and eczema. It apparently also helps people with asthma however there is not enough evidence to show a significant improvement. The omega-6 fatty acids that are present in the oil is what helps you to regulate your hormones. The birth control pill regulates your hormones as well so since the pill worked and the oil has the same effect, I am lucky enough to say this worked for me.

Since I suffer from asthma and eczema I don't see harm in taking it since there is a slight chance of it working for everything.

*if you have any heart related problems or take blood thinning medicine please consult your doctor before using this oil*
I take 2x in the morning and 2x in the evening after meals. My meals are balanced and I try cut out any junk so in a day I take 4000mg. I read that a higher doses is required to see any results for people with cystic acne.
I use the Evening Primrose Oil (1000mg). However, there is a 500mg capsule version available as well. If you prefer using a smaller dose you may want to get the 500mg instead.


It does come with side effects and it is up to you to decide if it is worth it. The first few days I noticed significant bloating and stomach cramps. I decided to fight my way through it just for my skin and it was not too bad, I was not in dying pain.
Others who have taken these capsules have noticed severe period stomach cramps and a heavier period. The pain is unbearably strong for some. I have not been on my period yet while taking the capsules however I do have severe pains as it is which haven't been present while I took the pill. If the pain returns I may not take the EPO during my period and continue after it is finished as this works for some people.

As I say with everything, this is not a magic and it will not work for everyone. It is definitely worth trying! It may take up to a month to see a result so hang on and don't give up. Either way this oil is very good for  your body and comes with no harm in taking it.

If you are trying the evening primrose oil please let me know how it works for you! Any questions please feel free to leave a comment below this post or email me at


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

UndercoverChick turned 20 but I forgot to Blog!

Soooo in January I turned 20 and I never even blogged about it!! Life got so busy, I can't believe that I didn't even find time to write a post for you guys or at least upload pictures here. I did have a birthday vlog so check it out and subscribe if you haven't already!

Soo this year I was in Germany on my birthday itself and spent the day with my closest friends and had a lovely evening out. We went to a greek restaurant because I love greek food! When I was back I didn't feel satisfied not celebrating my birthday with everyone because I like having all my friends in one place. I have friends in different friendship groups so I really love having them all together in one place. I hosted a birthday pre-drinks and then we went clubbing together, it was a really fun birthday and now that we are in April already I really can't wait to turn 21 in a lit way haha.
So that was my birthday I guess? The pictures and videos will explain everything.

Over the next few weeks I'll update you guys on everything that I have missed!



Monday, April 3, 2017

How to go to Brussels, Belgium with a £100 budget! Travel costs included!

Hey guys!

Back in January I went to Brussels and you may have seen the vlogs on my youtube channel already. If not watch the videos below and don't forget to subscribe as I update my blog and vlog alternatively. It's time I tell you guys how I afforded to go to Brussels in the middle of January, being a student. I didn't become a blogger because I had the money to do all these cool things and wanted to show people. In fact I found my own ways of doing what I want to achieve in life without floating in money and I made the blog to share with those of you who would like to do the same!

So this trip to Brussels cost me under £100, £85 to be exact. I will break down to you guys  how exactly I managed to do this. As Brussels is not really a big capital yet a beautiful place I read on most travel pages that passing through there and only spending one day there is plenty of time.

Timeline of our Trip to Brussels and costs

Friday night - Train from Canterbury (uni location) to London £8.90 - I have a rail card if you coach it only £5 but longer travel time!

Friday - 11pm - Coach from London Victoria to Brussels - slept comfortably on the coach
7 am arrival at Brussels North Station
Bought a day travel pass (valid on buses and metro) around 7 euros only!! valid for 24 hours
9 am - went to Saint Michel et Gudule cathedral - beautiful place - free no costs involved, we did donate a little in the donation and maintenance box
10 - 12 pm - arrived in centre Brussels and found a souvenir shop to buy for our friends - 5                   euros
- found a breakfast place - ate and drank plenty - 15 euros (max)
12pm onward - used the metro and walked around Brussels to look at places
3pm - Late lunch - tried Brussels style Fast Food place - Chips and Baguette very filling - only 5 euros!
4pm - traveled to outskirt of Brussels to visit atomium in Brussels!
6pm - Went to the shopping mall nearby walked around, ate at McDonalds (5 euros Max!)
11 pm - coach back to London

Any other costs: Chocolates for my family, tips

- arrived in Victoria London in the morning, £8.90 + minimal tube fare in London roughly total £10 to get back to Canterbury

The ticket to Brussels was £30 including return!

Total spending - 37 euros and 50 pounds. I may have spent +10 euros on chocolates/snacks

Nevertheless, it is totally do able! I even had 15 euros left in my purse.

Quick tips: Book your coach ticket early (I did it in December), don't work on a tight schedule we purposely booked our return past 11 pm as we didn't want to miss it.
Take extra money with you just in case but you most likely won't need it.

We ideally wanted to go to Mini Europe but it was shut in that period and we didn't know but it would've perfectly fit into the budget too.
Don't forget to pre-plan the trip by looking up the attractions and their opening hours.

If you wanted to see the world, you can!! Don't stop yourself. One by one. I have been working to save up for bigger holidays but at least I have covered the small things I can. If you want something you can get it! Just work for it.


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