Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let's talk about the future | Reflections and Resolutions

Hey guys,

Happy New Year! 2016 -  I felt like the world around me in terms of humanity, politics and weather has been going downhill. While my personal life was actually changing in a more positive way. I felt like the year has given me hard times but taught me a lot in the process. My blog has acutally never developed as much as it did in 2016 and I never had this many readers. The Blog Awards were in 2016 too and honestly I still cannot believe that I was a finalist. Becoming president of Tamil Society made the first 12 week term of the next uni year an emotional rollercoaster. Unfortunately I didn't get to travel at all in 2016 apart from my small work trips to Germany. However,  I found a job in Germany and that truly was the biggest blessing of 2016. Never did I think that this could work out and it has made me financially much more stable than I was. In fact I am no longer a burden to my parents and I haven't asked them for any spending money really ever since I got a job. I am finally an independent woman. So yes 2016 made me an adult.

My resolutions? well well...I want to make 2017 be that big revolutionary year that changes my life. I feel driven maybe it's just the 1st January effect you never know. As long as this feeling lasts I think I will be able to achieve a lot this year.

Travel. My biggest regret of 2016 is not travelling so 2017 I want to put travel as a big priority. I want to see the world as long as it stays pretty.

Education. I feel I can be smarter if I try harder. I have always wanted to do everything and give everything in life a shot which is great I'm well rounded. This year though I want to be a bit like the people around me - my friends and I will use them as my inspiration to study more and take on less side responsibilities.

Blog. As exciting as 2016 was in terms of blogging I felt towards the end of the year I lost my drive and passion because I was too tired from everything else that I had been doing. So after education I want to make sure that blogging stays my top priority no matter what life throws at me.

Here is to another year of UndercoverChick. I promise you I have big things planned this year and so much to look forward to.


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