Tuesday, January 3, 2017

#BloggerMondays - How To Start A Blog

The New Year was meant to be as organised as possible instead I lost track of time and didn't even realise that it was Monday. This year I am introducing #BloggerMondays. Every Monday I will be publishing a post with tips for bloggers, I will begin from the bottom. The pure basics so everyone will be able to keep up. Over the year I received many email as to how to continue a blog so here is what I have put together.

First step, starting a blog.

Blogspot or Wordpress?

The technical side to it is that you have to choose between the two big blogger platforms - blogspot and wordpress. I chose blogspot and whether you want ."blogspot" or ".wordpress" shouldn't influence at all. I am still with blogspot but I have bought my own domain so at some point the bit that follows your name shouldn't influence your decision. It is more about which platform you feel more comfortable using and for me it is blogspot. Although I have seen that wordpress is very fancy and can do quite a bit. 

Choosing your name! 

Be as unique as possible but don't make things complicated. I wouldn't recommend having a blog name where you repeat the same lettter 3/4 times like for example "maathuuu.com". Whenever I attempt to go on a website with repeating letters I always end up adding too many or one less letters and then I end up on some bot website and it's just so irritating.

Check that nobody else has used your name on social media - instagram mainly and if you intend to start a youtube channel check there to. Preferably we'd like to keep the name the same across all platforms to make sure it is accessible for readers and viewer.

Finding a theme or topic??

Write about anything you want to write about! I started off writing about anything I wanted. Back in the years before blogging was this big people always just wrote and only recently have we all started trying to categorise ourselves as "lifestyle" or "fashion" bloggers just to make giving a brief summary of the blog easier which by no means is an indication that all lifestyle blogs are the same. 

That is it so far! Those are the pure basics go set up your blogs now as I will be back with the next few tips to improve on next Monday! Use #BloggerMondays if you are posting any insta pics of your new blogs and as always feel free to email me with questions if you are stuck. undercovermathu@gmail.com


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