Monday, January 16, 2017

#BloggerMondays - Object Blog Pictures

Hey guys,

it's Blogger Monday again and today it's about taking object blog pictures. The key to taking nice pictures is to make sure:
- everything has to be in order not cluttered
- make sure you take pictures during daytime to get plenty of natural light the more the better
- put thoughts into themes 

Make sure you put big clear pictures in your post! Pictures are key in successful blog posts because people don't like reading massive paragraphs. 

These are some of the first ever pictures I took: 

Strategically place the objects!


Sunday, January 8, 2017

#BloggerMondays - How to Design A Blog Logo for Beginners

Hey guys,

Today's post is about how to create a logo to represent your blog and to be used as a header on your blog and you may need it for youtube too. As it is for beginners don't worry I am not going to tell you to go download and buy photoshop. Instead we are going to use a simple website - Picmonkey

Once you have a name you need to think about what kind of logo you want and how to create. Keep it clean and simple. I had some very cheap looking logos at the beginning. Point is I improved over time so don't expect to make the best logo ever.

This is the video that I used as a guide. There's no point me explaining something to you in detail again when there's already a video by a fellow YouTuber out there to show you.

As the video is specific to YouTube ignore the sizing guide bit, make sure you use the sizes required for your blog which are very different. You can check the width of your blog by going to Design -> Advanced Settings. (This is for blogspot only I am not too sure about where to find sizing in wordpress as I don't use it).

These are some of my first ever logos.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to Budget at University

Hey guys,

Budgeting is the key to not drowning in debts at university. Everyone has their own way of working out how much they have and how much they want to spend and obviously everyone comes from different financial backgrounds so some rely fully on their parents, some are semi-dependent and some are fully independent. In my first university year I was semi-dependent on my parents and the government's student finance. In the second year I have been very independent by choice. I managed to find a job and putting the money from student finance together has made it bearable.

This is a rough guide to how I worked out my budget for the next term starting in 2 weeks. 

Money In

First of all put down all the money that will be coming in at the beginning of term.
- student finance
- any work money balance from working in the holidays
- parents money allowance? 

Money out
Then takeaway the money going out of  your bank account which is not avoidable at all and has to be paid. Gym membership, water bill, electricity bill, rent (accommodation fees). 

To be able to budget successfully I set myself a treat at the end of it. For some it may be make up, clothing, electronics. For me it is travel. 
Work out how much this treat will cost you. e.g. If your trip to Sardinia costs £300 pounds take that sum away from your money in. 

Now that you have taken away the money out and treat money the sum you are left with will be the money you have for the whole term. Your living costs to cover food, washing clothes and going out. My term lasts 12 weeks so I divided this sum by 12. This will give you a weekly budget. If your weekly budget ends up being a ridiculous number such as £10 then you know for sure it's not going to be enough. This is when you go back to your treat and find a cheaper treat. So if you had a £300 trip down change it to a cheaper option. At the end, if you have followed your budget plan you will be able to get your treat too. If you don't you have used up your treat money so it's up to you whether you get what you want by budgeting or whether you spend it in the moment on pizzas and don't get your holiday abroad.

This is an overall equation to summarise how to work your budget out.

Weekly Budget = [Money In - (Money out + Treat)] / 12 
(my term is 12 weeks long, if you term/semester is shorter divide it by that many number of weeks) 

I hope this helps you guys! 


#BloggerMondays - How To Start A Blog

The New Year was meant to be as organised as possible instead I lost track of time and didn't even realise that it was Monday. This year I am introducing #BloggerMondays. Every Monday I will be publishing a post with tips for bloggers, I will begin from the bottom. The pure basics so everyone will be able to keep up. Over the year I received many email as to how to continue a blog so here is what I have put together.

First step, starting a blog.

Blogspot or Wordpress?

The technical side to it is that you have to choose between the two big blogger platforms - blogspot and wordpress. I chose blogspot and whether you want ."blogspot" or ".wordpress" shouldn't influence at all. I am still with blogspot but I have bought my own domain so at some point the bit that follows your name shouldn't influence your decision. It is more about which platform you feel more comfortable using and for me it is blogspot. Although I have seen that wordpress is very fancy and can do quite a bit. 

Choosing your name! 

Be as unique as possible but don't make things complicated. I wouldn't recommend having a blog name where you repeat the same lettter 3/4 times like for example "". Whenever I attempt to go on a website with repeating letters I always end up adding too many or one less letters and then I end up on some bot website and it's just so irritating.

Check that nobody else has used your name on social media - instagram mainly and if you intend to start a youtube channel check there to. Preferably we'd like to keep the name the same across all platforms to make sure it is accessible for readers and viewer.

Finding a theme or topic??

Write about anything you want to write about! I started off writing about anything I wanted. Back in the years before blogging was this big people always just wrote and only recently have we all started trying to categorise ourselves as "lifestyle" or "fashion" bloggers just to make giving a brief summary of the blog easier which by no means is an indication that all lifestyle blogs are the same. 

That is it so far! Those are the pure basics go set up your blogs now as I will be back with the next few tips to improve on next Monday! Use #BloggerMondays if you are posting any insta pics of your new blogs and as always feel free to email me with questions if you are stuck.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let's talk about the future | Reflections and Resolutions

Hey guys,

Happy New Year! 2016 -  I felt like the world around me in terms of humanity, politics and weather has been going downhill. While my personal life was actually changing in a more positive way. I felt like the year has given me hard times but taught me a lot in the process. My blog has acutally never developed as much as it did in 2016 and I never had this many readers. The Blog Awards were in 2016 too and honestly I still cannot believe that I was a finalist. Becoming president of Tamil Society made the first 12 week term of the next uni year an emotional rollercoaster. Unfortunately I didn't get to travel at all in 2016 apart from my small work trips to Germany. However,  I found a job in Germany and that truly was the biggest blessing of 2016. Never did I think that this could work out and it has made me financially much more stable than I was. In fact I am no longer a burden to my parents and I haven't asked them for any spending money really ever since I got a job. I am finally an independent woman. So yes 2016 made me an adult.

My resolutions? well well...I want to make 2017 be that big revolutionary year that changes my life. I feel driven maybe it's just the 1st January effect you never know. As long as this feeling lasts I think I will be able to achieve a lot this year.

Travel. My biggest regret of 2016 is not travelling so 2017 I want to put travel as a big priority. I want to see the world as long as it stays pretty.

Education. I feel I can be smarter if I try harder. I have always wanted to do everything and give everything in life a shot which is great I'm well rounded. This year though I want to be a bit like the people around me - my friends and I will use them as my inspiration to study more and take on less side responsibilities.

Blog. As exciting as 2016 was in terms of blogging I felt towards the end of the year I lost my drive and passion because I was too tired from everything else that I had been doing. So after education I want to make sure that blogging stays my top priority no matter what life throws at me.

Here is to another year of UndercoverChick. I promise you I have big things planned this year and so much to look forward to.


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