Saturday, December 17, 2016

What to buy in Duty Free at airports - Tax Free Shopping?!

Hey guys!

If you follow my snapchat (mathusas) you probably know by now that whenever I fly abroad I don't  miss the chance to drop by at the duty free and buy some products. The reason I do this is because I get many exclusive offers as well as that tax free shopping is great. Sometimes people say airport shopping is more expensive. However, this is not always true. It depends on what you buy and on your location. Every country has its own benefits in each duty free. For example Alcohol is known to be very cheap in Germany while its the most expensive in the UK. Meanwhile in the UK Duty Free's fragrances are the cheapest and cosmetics the second cheapest after India's duty free. For a blogger this is great that's all I need to be honest. So to answer the overall question what you buy at Duty Free depends on which country the airport you are at as in. If you want to find out what products are the cheapest in which countries, I would recommend using this website - Duty Free Addict

Make up, fragrances, fashion are the cheapest in the UK so for me that's all I need which is why I am always so early at airports. I would really recommend buying Duty Free Mac products as they are so cheap. As well as that the duty free shops usually give offers such as 5 pounds off when you spend over 75 pounds which is an easily achieved total when you buy fragrances and make up.

Hope this helped! Oh I forgot to mention...I arrived in Germany today and was at the airport that's why I'm randomly talking about duty free shopping.


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