Sunday, December 18, 2016

Vote for!

If you are already on this blog reading this I assume that you come here regularly and enjoy my content. If this is your first time here have a look around and I hope that you will find something about me that you enjoy!!
So this year my blog is up again in the same 2 categories as last year in the UK Blog Awards 2017. Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Vlogger and Podcast. Last year I was a finalist and made it to the top 10 in the Vlogger and Podcast category. Winning one of these awards is obviously a big goal for me as a blogger and I hope you guys can bring me closer to my dreams. I thoroughly love Blogging no matter what I will always keep going. I have been doing this for 6 years now and I will not fail to continue. I would love it if you guys could give me the honour to be a finalist again.

You can vote for me from anywhere in the world! So get voting please!!
Many get confused about which to vote for - Choose the first option which is for both categories. :)


Saturday, December 17, 2016

What to buy in Duty Free at airports - Tax Free Shopping?!

Hey guys!

If you follow my snapchat (mathusas) you probably know by now that whenever I fly abroad I don't  miss the chance to drop by at the duty free and buy some products. The reason I do this is because I get many exclusive offers as well as that tax free shopping is great. Sometimes people say airport shopping is more expensive. However, this is not always true. It depends on what you buy and on your location. Every country has its own benefits in each duty free. For example Alcohol is known to be very cheap in Germany while its the most expensive in the UK. Meanwhile in the UK Duty Free's fragrances are the cheapest and cosmetics the second cheapest after India's duty free. For a blogger this is great that's all I need to be honest. So to answer the overall question what you buy at Duty Free depends on which country the airport you are at as in. If you want to find out what products are the cheapest in which countries, I would recommend using this website - Duty Free Addict

Make up, fragrances, fashion are the cheapest in the UK so for me that's all I need which is why I am always so early at airports. I would really recommend buying Duty Free Mac products as they are so cheap. As well as that the duty free shops usually give offers such as 5 pounds off when you spend over 75 pounds which is an easily achieved total when you buy fragrances and make up.

Hope this helped! Oh I forgot to mention...I arrived in Germany today and was at the airport that's why I'm randomly talking about duty free shopping.


Friday, December 2, 2016

"Thinner girls have a better life" Really? Weight Loss for the right reasons!

Hey guys, 

My weight loss blog post have  been very popular and ever since I have been getting so many emails from you guys. Today I would like to take a different approach and tell you that there is no magic that transforms your life to a better life. Yes losing weight did change my life in many ways and I do look different but although my physical appearance changed - I have always been the same person. This is something that has been bothering me lately. This obsession of being a certain size or weight is not for the right reasons. The media promotes thinner girls in a different way. In movies, the slightly chubby girl always gets represented as goofy, weird or she struggles to find love and then gets her desired boy at the end. That is so not what young girls or women should be thinking. 

Just because you are thin it is not easier for you to find love. Same goes for clothing shopping. Just because chubby girls cannot always find the things they like in the desired sizes doesn't mean that it is any easier for thinner girls. Not everything suits me now that I am 2 sizes smaller. In fact some clothing is actually too loose for me in certain areas because I don't have enough fat. Being thinner doesn't make your life "easier"! This mentality makes your weight loss 10 x easier. 

So please if you are trying to gain or loose weight do it for the right reasons. Not because that way of life just seems easier. Being thinner doesn't make your life perfect. Loose weight because you may feel more confident, happier and healthier. Not because you think others will like you more that way or because you think that you will get more attention from your crush. 


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