Sunday, November 13, 2016

River Island affair and Careful Stress or Health?

Hey guys,

so after a longer time I have actually left my house and went out to party. Okay long time in the world of a uni student is only 4 weeks but you know long time for me still. This is kinda two posts squished into one as I wanna tell you about two things. First of all my affair with River Island. I'm more of a Topshop and Missguided girl when it comes to dresses. As I was desperate for a dress I thought I'd give River Island a chance and I am positively surprised. Nothing against River Island but I am just very specific when looking for dresses.  Do you guys like it?

             Dress: River Island   Heels: Public Desire

So to the second bit of my post. Remember my last post "When it all gets too much". These were my words-  "In all honesty I lost my passion to blog. Low energy levels but I tried to fix up over the weekend. I slept for a whole day to catch up with 2 weeks worth of sleep."
It's not like me at all to lose passion to blog and I have never felt this weak in my life. So I decided to go to the doctor and the blood tests result showed that I have iron deficiencies so I'm anaemic and I am low in Vitamin D. Only a few vitamins but they made a huge difference to my energy levels. I couldn't do anything at all, I felt like sleeping through my entire life. The point of this post is - don't blame everything on your stress levels. Don't forget about your health and get it checked! Thank god I checked in time and got the supplements in time so that I didn't permanently become anaemic. Best thing is to get things checked. Look after your health and eat well no matter how stressful life gets!


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