Thursday, September 15, 2016

My top University Fresher 'survival' tips!

Hey guys,

after the huge interest in my university packing guide I decided to make another guide for you. Many of you will be starting your first year of university next week and are so nervous, excited and don't know what to expect. I will try to give you the best description of what its like and my top tips but I won't reveal too much as I want you guys to experience for yourself and make some important memories.
First of all - what even is Freshers? If you are thinking that don't worry I was a little confused too. I have no older siblings that went to university before so I had no idea what to expect or what it is even about. Freshers week is usually a week or two organised by your university Union to bring you all together, help you find friends but also feel welcome at your new university. A lot of you will be moving out and leaving your parent home for the first time so I can guarantee you that you will have days where you feel lonely, sad or miss your family. Don't worry it all comes with it yet somehow you will end up loving university in less than a year and by the time you have your next summer holiday you'll miss university so much that you can't wait to go back. Freshers week is there to keep you distracted and stop thinking about home so here's my first tip...

Don't sit around doing nothing...
There's a reason why freshers week was organised. Use the events and go out and have a good time even if you feel homesick, once you're there it will be a great distraction and remember everyone around you is feeling the exact same way, you all just left your parent home it's not only you.
Be Social
This leads to the next tip - really be as social as possible! You may not have been a social butterfly at school but now is time if you want to try. In fact I was the kid in school who had a few groups of friends yet I wouldn't speak to certain people because I was too shy. I was quiet and at the back of the room, I'm sure at least 60% of people didn't even know what kind of person I was in school because we never communicated. Only once I left for university and started getting the confidence with blogging did people see what I was like. Point is during the first few weeks of university is when people feel the most social and would want to talk to new people because everyone's in  the same boat trying to make friends. Talk to people whenever you get the chance. If you don't know how to start a can literally say anything - I started a conversation once saying "hey you're left handed too?!" Haha guess what she's my closest mate in uni now so it works!

Don't feel pressured
For goodness sake please don't feel pressured to do anything you don't want to do at university. A lot of people do crazy things because they have nobody to control them - just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. If you feel like you don't want to do something or it's against your morals please don't try to fit in and don't do it. 

Uni is not school
If you were a popular child at school I'm sorry but you're not anymore. Have fun starting from the beginning. Your school hierarchy doesn't exist anymore. If anything everyone is so chill at uni, don't be scared to talk to someone. Bullying shouldn't even happen there and doesn't really happen anyways. Such thing as cool kids don't exist sorry, if anything y'all are cool. 

Also forget the person you were at school! If you want to dye your hair pink, green, blue, cut your hair or get a piercing do it now before you get to uni. They're meeting a new you, that's how they will know you. It's fine changes aren't always bad. 

New Housemates
Bond with them!! Don't be the kid who has their door closed and doesn't feel like talking to them. You will live under the same roof and whether you like it or not you'll need each other trust me! If you get on well you can be of good use to each other. Get bin routine and cleaning routine sorted before you become besties! Get the important things sorted first because once you get too nice to each other you might feel awkward asking them to take out the bin. 

Take risks
Take small reasonable risks and do something fun. You'll remember freshers forever, make it good. 

Be careful
Having that said don't do anything stupid. 
Look after yourself
Don't fall ill! Please don't! Once you're ill, you're forever ill in uni. That's how it works, trust me. Freshers flue is a bitch.

Don't just party - Freshers fayre
I know there's a lot of partying on the plan but take some time to go to the freshers fayre too and find some societies you could be interested in, talk to them and go to their meet and greets. These are the places where you meet people with similar interests and meet most of your friends.

Of course you will be now and then! Skype your friends at other unis. Check if they're doing alright. I had friends who were crying during freshers because they missed home.  Be there for them. The same friends will love uni so much in 6 months time haha but that's how it is at the beginning.

That's it! I'll stop revealing too much. I really hope this helped you. If you have any questions feel free to leave a question in the comments I'm here to help. I hope you enjoy uni as much as I do and have a great year.


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