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How to pack for University | University packing guide

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School has started for most high schools kids which means that it's time for the university year to start soon. On the internet you will find so many things preparing you for the start of the school year, from what to pack to fashion advice and school survival tips. When I started university I was looking around for similar posts or videos and there really isn't many out there. So after being in university for a year I know what kind of concerns, thoughts and questions you must be having if you're going to start university soon. If you're moving out you're probably stressing about what to pack right now and at the same time busy saying bye to your friends and family at home. I know it is a very stressful time for you, trying to sort out your accommodation, figuring out what you will do once you arrive at university. This is why I have decided to have a series of posts related to university life to get through it smoothly. I really hope this helps you but as always if you have any questions please feel free to email me at undercovermathu@gmail.com. I may take a few days to reply but I will definitely reply.

University Packing Guide

Check what the university provides in your room first before buying them again. Read through the safety regulations regarding candles and keeping a kettle. Don't pack too much remember your university room will be quite small and hasn't got much storage space and you'll be moving out in less than a year.

Your room
Any decoration - remember your room won't be that big and there is restrictions as to what you can keep in university halls. Candles - forbidden at most university halls and they actually check your room throughout the year at least once so don't even attempt it.

Clothes - pack for the right season - your wardrobe won't be as big as at home so the best thing to do would be to pack the clothes you need for September - December and then you'll be going back home for a one month holiday so you could just take back some clothes and bring a few new clothes back.

Basics - jeans, rain jacket, underwear, pyjamas, socks - pack as many socks as possible!!! you won't have to do your laundry as much if you never run out of the basics since you'll have plenty of clothes

- night out clothes - for house parties/clubbing
- swim wear - in case you have these kind of opprtunities
- gym outfits - sport society required clothing

Shoes: A pair of heels, sport shoes, winter boots, casual everyday shoes
Girls please don't pack too many shoes you really don't have the space for it and neither do you need your best pair of heels as a student.

Clutch bag

- laundry bag
- washing powder - I recommend the Persil capsules it's much easier and you just have to throw one in without worrying about how much to put in
- clothes conditioner
- clothing rack (if not provided)

Bed sheets
Mattress cover

Warm Blanket - one day you'll need it trust me and you'll be grateful!

Towels, toiletries and cosmetic - mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, make up (if you use any)
Shampoo, conditioner, face masks, shower gel etc. Anything you use for your body!
Shaving equipment - veet? Razor?
Tampons/Sanitary towels
Lip balms, body cream, face moisturizer
Glassses/contacts - cleaning liquid

First Aid Kit
- everyone needs one of these, trust me freshers flu will get you! It's real!
Whatever you take for a flu -

- uni bag, backpack?
Refill pad
Paper Clips
I wouldn't worry too much about stationary as you can buy all other items you would need once you get there after seeing what exactly you require, you don't want to be transporting too many things.

- mugs
- plates
- cutlery - cheap cutlery!! trust me it will disappear I can guarantee you that
- glasses
- tea/coffee holder tins
- saucepan
- baking tray - not provided!
- cheese grater
- bottle opener
- chopping board
- whisk
- sieve
- tea towels
- bottle opener
- vegetable peeler
- wooden spoon
- basic herbs and spices - I take my asian spices which are hard to find in Canterbury with me from London!
- mixing bowl
- pots and pans with lids
- tuperware
- sandwich bags and foil
- washing up liquid

Don't take more glasses, cutlery and plates than you need. It will encourage you to wash up straightaway.

I also recommend buying some snacks and food whilst your family can drive you around and help you with shopping. During freshers week you won't have much time to go food shopping to be honest so its best to get some food  for the first few days till you find your way to the closest supermarket - took me a while!

DO NOT throw out your boxes! You will need them in less than a year to move out of student accommodation again. Store them away somewhere if you can.

I hope this helped you guys! I will be back with more soon.


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