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Personality of July - Dancer Trin3ergykrrish

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It's undercoverchick...It's time to introduce you to the Personality of July. This month's personality of the month is Krrishna Sivakumaran also known by his dancer name trin3rgykrrish I do personally know him as we study the same course at the same university. However, there is no personal bias as you will soon realise that he is known for his amazing dancing skills among a lot of people. You should check out his Instagram for a few dance clips if you don't believe me! (@trin3ergykrrish)
 Krrishna is a 21 year old student who studies Chemistry at the University of Kent. He moved from France to the UK at the age of 3. He has done a guest performance for 'Gaana dance battles' at the Ministry of Sound (UK) and at 'Beat your Heart' in Switzerland. Not only does he perform at events nationally but he also performs on an international level. After performing during London Paralympics 2012 he was asked to go to Brazil (Rio de Generio) and through dance to help promote the transition from London 2012 Olympics to Rio 2016 Olympics. He has also done a guest performance for 'Dance proms' at the Royal Albert Hal in London. Well if you aren't impressed enough yet continue reading my interview with him below! After all this recognition from various people I must add that he is very humble in person. I didn't even know that he can dance until I came across his Instagram profile.

 At what age did you start dancing? How did you discover your skill?

I started dancing at the age of 10, more than discovering a skill it was discovering something I really enjoyed doing. It was only after a few years my parents discovered it was skill that I had developed to a decent standard.

Did you ever take any dance classes? If yes which and who introduced you or gave you the idea?
No I had never taken dance classes as again it wasn'r something I would take further. It was simply something I did whenever I saw maybe a Prabhudeva  or Micheal jackson song as a kid 

How did your peers feel about you dancing?
I am fortunate enough to always have very supportive friends who were always encouraging.

Your name as a dancer is - "trin3ergykrrish" - How did you come up with it, has it got a specific meaning to you?
I do wish the name had some secret underlying message but it came from my dance crew Trin3rgy and was simply an instagram name. But slowly became a name that I was referred to whenever I performed so I chose to keep it. 

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
Hopefully have finished my degree in Chemistry and be comfortably working. Just the same old boring expectation.

I assume your routine involves - Rehearsing, filming dance clips, travel and more. How do you keep a balance between your personal life as a student and professional life?
It's something that I've sometimes struggled with in the past and learnt lessons from it. Those lessons in turn allowed me to work out that balance between dancing, performing and my degree.

What was it like taking part in Britain's Got Talent? How did it help your development as a dancer?
It was an eye opener to the way the TV business works and how they themselves try and mould each act if they see potential in it. Whether it was a good moulding I'm not sure, but getting a standing ovation and getting very encouraging comments from the judges including Mr Simon Cowell, was probably one of those highlights that allowed me to flourish as a dancer. The TV business also were able to highlight personal attributes which helped me in particular take that forward and develop my own style in dance.

Would you say that dancing has changed your life? If so, how?
It's a change that is ever so slight. But I've had amazing opportunities to perform on various platforms in many parts of the world and meet truly inspirational people face to face. It's one of those things that I always feel I never deserve but I take it as a blessing whenever it happens.

Would you like to take up dancing on a more professional level after completing your education or is it more of a hobby?

I think dance for me has always been a hobby, I've never wanted to take it further, but the opportunities I've taken as they've come. Education and work is the expected target and goal, but dance will be something I look back and be thankful to for the love and the experience.  


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