Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Dream Job and Vision for my Life

Hey guys!

We all have dreams. Somewhere where we see ourselves in a certain number of years. I am a very future focused person. I like to set a big goal and work towards it. I'm not too sure what the purpose of life is but I try to create myself a purpose in it. Something that will give it meaning. For all I know one day I would like to look back and say "look all the time you've been working has paid off." I want to make some sort of change, whether big or small. I just always look for things to do in my extra time.
So what would be my dream job? Well I have this vision of myself....

If not NYC then London or Berlin or may Colombo. I don't mind anywhere in the world. I would like to a career focused woman working on something big or life changing. One might say stop looking for a purpose in life and just live life. Well to that I would like to say that personally I would rather spend my time working on something that makes me happy and gives me a feeling of achievement rather than following a routine, doing the same thing everyday and just living life because you have to.
So what kind of job am I thinking? Well as I am currently completing a degree in Chemistry I would love to start off in that field. However, I would like to then take this further to other things. Maybe banking or even Event Management. I would love to organise a wedding one day for someone and help them on their big day. I have always had a feeling of achievement when doing something for someone else and seeing their happy faces. Organising things is my other big interest. I just love organising things, whatever it is - your wedding, baby shower, bacherlorette party....whatever it is I am the girl to contact. I would do it with great joy.
My point is I am young, not even 20 yet and I have my whole life ahead of me. I may not have an exact job in mind but I do know how I want to be as a person - independent, organised, happy, creative and most importantly I want to be able to work on something.
Will I be blogging? Of course I will always continue, at this rate even into my 80s if I get to live that long.
This was a small insight of my many thoughts that I wanted to share with you guys. What do you think about life? Where would you like to be? What would you like to achieve? Share your thoughts with me I would love to read them!

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