Saturday, July 16, 2016

Liquids to drink for a Healthy Weight Loss

Hey guys!

I stress the importance of water a lot usually. However, it is okay to drink water in other forms as long as they are healthy methods. In your healthy lifestyle you should be including healthy drinks for sure. This post should be useful to a lot of you. Especially if you aren't a great fan of water, which I wouldn't understand hah since I love it.

Drink honey in warm water - it works wonders if you do this everyday!!
You could also start your day with a fruit smoothie! Its a solid lining and will make sure that you don't get hungry before lunch time.

Ginger and lemon Detox tea- throw all those expensive detox teas away. It's as simple as 3 key ingredients - honey, lemon and ginger. All 3 of these are known for their great cleaning properties and it is very easy to make. However if you would like to see how I've uploaded a clip on Instagram! @undercovermathu 

All you need to do is boil water, add ginger and one spoon of honey.

Do not drink this tea in the morning on an empty stomach!! I have bad experience with this. I already have ulcers in my stomach lining and the ginger is very strong and made it burn like hell!! I ended up throwing up throughout the day.
Either have it after or during your breakfast. However I would recommend you drinking this in the evening or at night just before going to bed.

Throughout the day drink Green Tea whenever you feel like having a small snack break or while you're sitting in front of the tv or computer. Green tea has also got many amazing benefits for your skin!!



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