Sunday, July 10, 2016

Holiday Vibes// How I'm spending my Summer

Hey guys!

After a long adventurous summer in 2015 - Europe Roadtrip, trip to Sri Lanka etc. it was time for a more calm summer holiday. I haven't written a post for you guys in a really long time just stating what I'm really up to. So currently I am in Germany still. I have spent the last 2 weeks just really relaxing meeting my childhood friends and just exploring my hometown seeing what changed - well not much has changed really. 

Just relaxing made me realise how long its been since I've had a break like this. I felt endless tiredness for a whole week. Now that I am back and fit, I have started getting back into a routine. I don't want to just rot around all summer haha. So I decided to find myself a job in Germany. I am currently working as a waitress and am also trying to stay healthy. I have started training at home and I go on regular jogs with my friends as you may have already seen on snapchat! (Snapchat: mathusas) 

So currently I am saving money, exploring new cities and just soaking in as much sun as possible. As well as that I have started with youtube again!
As always I am staying as busy as possible! Being in Germany means it's flexible for me to visit the neighbouring countries so stay tuned! 


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