Saturday, June 4, 2016

What to take when travelling? - Summer Holiday Packing Guide

Hey guys!
I am almost done with my exams which means summer is almost here! I love travelling and I would say the hardest part of travelling is packing for me. I have packed hundreds of times in my life by now yet I find it so difficult every single timc. I am a typical girl and would want to take everything with me. So I put together a packing guide and I hope this helps you with your packing! I know I will be referring back to this guide myself.

Summer Holiday Essentials

  • passport
  • boarding pass
  • tickets
  • shoes 
  • Clothes - shorts, dresses, t-shirt, jeans
  • socks
  • phone charger and phone
  • laptop and charger
  • camera, charger and SD card
  • wallet
  • money - in the right currencies
  • earphones
  • plug converter
  • jewelry
  • bras
  • underwear
  • sleepwear
  • credit and debit cards
  • medication
  • Skincare - wet wipes, face wash, face and body lotion. hand cream, 
  • tampons/sanitary towels
  • travel towel
  • if you wear contacts: contacts, contact lense solution
  • tissues
  • hair brush
  • umbrella
  • sun cream
  • plastic bags for dirty laundry
  • bags for toiletries
  • keys
  • hair ties
  • shampoo, conditioner
  • shower gel 
  • travel hairdryer
  • mini first aid kit 
  • going out bag/hand bag
  • cosmetics
  • toothbrush
Remember if you are flying don't pack liquids into your hand luggage - however if you only have hand luggage put the liquids in the freezer bags. - approximately 20cm x 20cm
Airport rules: 
"Liquids in containers larger than 100 ml generally can’t go through security even if the container is only part full. There are some exemptions."

Top tips:
Only pack the essential clothes
Limit the amount of shoes you take because they are horrible to pack
Any thing that you will be provided with at the hotel or the place you're staying at don't take them
Don't take with you anything that can be easily bought at your holiday destination 


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