Thursday, June 2, 2016

What is causing your acne?

Hey guys!

When it comes to acne we tend to get really impatient. After posting my before and after picture I received a lot of questions about HOW I cured it. However me telling you wouldn't help me. If my acne was as simple as one factor I wouldn't have suffered with it for 9 years.

You need to get to the bottom of it by starting from the beginning. Start from how thinking about WHAT is causing your acne. Annoyingly the reasons can be a combination of many factors. For some it is as easy as controlling one major factor and their light acne disappears. I would like you to read the questions below and think about which applies the most to you.

I don't just fit into one of these categories. In fact I could relate to almost every question when growing up. One thing leads to another. I first had acne due to hormones, then I tried using harsh products on my skin which lead to chemical imbalances on my skin which meant my acne got worse, my self-esteem would lower. My hormones were all over the place which led to even more acne. I would try to heal my poor emotional health by craving certain food which led to a high fat diet which again means more spots. IT'S A CRAZY CYCLE.

I hope this enlightens to as to what you may have to change. Don't worry though I will be writing several posts for every single category. I will update the acne series every Thursday! So come back and I will get you through this. 

1) Do you eat lots of sweets, crisps, chips? Even if you don't eat much of them, do you notice new spots the day after eating anything of the above?
2) Do you eat enough vegetables?
3) Would you say you have a high fat diet?
4) Do you eat a lot of processed food? Do you eat a lot of Dairy food?

5) Do you feel tired all the time, even after sleeping?
6) Do you sleep enough?
7) Are you active enough? Do you go for a walk,jog..or stay in your room in your free time?
8) Are you generally always very stressed?
9) Do you have a consistent routine or does your routine change frequently? Do you even have a routine?

10) Do you use harsh tropical creams for acne? They make your skin dry and lead to other problems.
11) Do you wash your face a lot, with a lot of face washes and cleansers?
12) Do you try lots of new skincare products to get rid of your acne? (Yes that causes acne too!)

13) Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?
14) Is your self-esteem low?
15)  Does your acne get worse when you are stressed out?

17) Did your acne start around the same time as you started your periods?  (if you are a girl)
18) Do you get a lot of spots around the chin area just before your period?

19) Do you get irritated easily when you are hungry? Do you become cranky?
20) Do you crave sugar, caffeine regularly
21) Do you easily get thirsty?
22) Do you need to pee a lot?


Poor diet - If you feel that questions 1-4 apply to you then it's your diet contributing to the acne you are experiencing.

Poor lifestyle - If you feel that questions 5-9 apply to you, your lifestyle is your main trigger.

Overuse of chemicals - Questions 10-12. When spots appear we try lots of things on our skin and a lot of the chemicals are harmful and harsh on our skin and lead to imbalances and other problems.

Stress, Poor Emotional Health - Questions 13-15

Hormonal - Question 17-18 - very common among teenagers

Blood sugar levels - Questions 19-22

NEXT THURSDAY: Acne Skin Routine - warnings and recommendations

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