Monday, June 27, 2016

EU Referendum - My Thoughts

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It's been a while. I am on a  summer break from university and I am currently in Germany. As you are most likely aware hot topic of the week or I would even say this decade is the EU referendum in the UK. It was time for the nation to decide whether we wanted to remain in the EU after joining it 40 years ago. The majority although very close decided that we would be better off if we leave the EU. Many say that this will help us save money, invest in better things, keep the money to ourselves rather than spending it on the European Union. We would also be able to reduce immigration.

Now before you stop reading this post. I am not saying that these thought processes are invalid. I do understand why many thought or are thinking the way they do but I would like to say that I am disappointed in these results and the nation has failed to understand what the possible impacts of this was going to be or knew about these impacts yet decided to take the risk because of things like immigration.
Being part of the EU made some politicians feel that there was no space for national decision making. Yes we do have to follow a lot of rules based on the EU but are they really that bad? Also leaving the EU just means that we as a nation would have to start from somewhere new and create these laws which will take a while. What I don't understand is that politicians just considered leaving instead of trying to negotiate with the EU. I mean I am not politically the wisest person but I am sure that this is possible. Doesn't it sound smarter to negotiate within a system? Why run away?  If the UK feels this way I am sure there's more member countries feeling the same way.

Migration from Europe means less jobs available in the country. Sometimes workers in the UK lose their jobs because companies hire other European workers mainly from the east to complete these jobs as they are cheaper. But wait - Why are they cheaper? It's the bosses and big companies that decide how much they want to pay. It's you as employees paying them less. I am sure your fellow European workers would be happy with a pay rise too.

Immigration  - does leaving really mean that people will stop attempting to come into the country? People seem to think that leaving the EU will reduce immigration of people from NON-EU countries. Why? Explain. I don't comprehend.

My thoughts on immigration? Well are we just going to put our walls up to everyone and let the rest of Europe deal with these people who are just trying to find a home. If people were truly happy with were they were living they would not try and leave. Are we not going to try and help them? They seem to think that sending weapons and whatever they need to continue the war will be "help" that the UK is providing which makes it a great country. Well great you are destroying their land, you really are not helping.

Throughout this post I kept saying "we" as a nation. Well guess what, I am "only" a UK citizen, also known as a migrant from the European Union more specifically from Germany. I have lived in the UK for 6 years now and as much as I complain about the weather or the food, I honestly have appreciated and loved England all this time. I saw myself as a equally important citizen of the country. It does deeply offend me and hurt me that many people in the country see us migrants as a burden. Truth is I am not sitting around in England doing nothing. I study, volunteer, work and my family pays taxes. The country helped me complete and continue my education. My parents are paying taxes just like the parents of anyone who was born and bred in the UK. Yes Student Finance does fund me as I have lived long enough in the country and I am truly grateful for that but I am planning on paying the country back. I wasn't going to disappear or run off. There are many young people that are in the same boat as me.

You see I avoided talking about the economy. The effects on the economy can be argued both ways which I understand. However the issue that has key importance to me and saddens me is the thought processes of some but not all of the 52% percent of the leave voters. Do I really want to live in a country where I am seen as a burden? We have to accept that the decision has been made and move on and try make it work now. However, I am worried about my future in the country. Are people going to start treating me differently because I am from Germany? Do I have less rights? I really hope that I won't get treated the way I am imagining it. I can already see that the Brexit decision made already people think they can talk about us Europeans as people with less value. less rights. People chatting away in pubs in the most rude way about Europeans. It does hurt. Remember we are all HUMAN. Please don't forget that we are all part of the same planet. No matter what age or ethnicity we are all the same. Just because we decided to colonise countries, build walls, name them as countries doesn't mean that we are different. We all just want to live happily. I am sure and know that the people in the UK aren't evil but don't be scared of us Europeans. Don't let your fear get to you and respect everyone equally.

This is all I have to say. Thank you if you did take time to read my view and got to the end of it. We all have our own views and I am not going to disrespect anyone that thinks otherwise but I would like to ask you the same. Please respect everyone's views.


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  1. I am not here to waste my time reading something that doesn't add value. Yet this post is the best.


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