Thursday, May 26, 2016

How I dealt with ACNE | Progress pictures!

ACNE - it made me cry, paranoid and killed my confidence. Since the age of 11 I have been suffering with severe acne. At some point it was so bad that I hated leaving my house. As a teenager I was a tomboy so I did not really care much about the fact that there was some spots on my face but it was the people who made me so self conscious. Everywhere I went beauticians, people at the shop..literally anywhere. People made comments that deeply hurt me. They would suggest things I should try and honestly I am sure they had good intentions but as someone who has to walk around with this face all the time, it wasn't the first time I heard things. "try washing your face with this___"  - "wash your face more regularly" "don't eat chocolate". If only you knew that I am not even a big fan of chocolate.

The point of this post - Girls and Boys, you can get through this. Just pull yourself through it, don't let it affect your confidence and honestly believe me sometimes it's just an age related hormonal thing. I am almost 20 and my acne is starting to clear naturally but I am doing a lot for my skin as I am aware of the fact of how prone it is to breakouts.

I will soon be writing more about the things I did to start clearing my acne. I have had this very annoying skin condition for almost 9 years so believe me I really do know what it is like and how you must feel.

Please contact me with any questions you have about it and I will write a post answering your questions.

Every single one of you is beautiful and please don't let anything affect you.

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