Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Exam Season - FALSE Thinking - Exam PRESSURE.

I know it's difficult. This is me trying to take life seriously and calm the heck down. But exams won't eat you!! 

Hey guys,

I know a lot of you are really busy at the moment. It's exam season. I loved the responses from you guys the last time I wrote a blog post with tips. That's perfect because I am feeling what you are feeling,  I am thinking what you are. After all I'm a student as well. I totally understand the worries going through your head. I am one of you as well. 

When talking to my cousin last week who is a few years younger, I noticed that he has the exact same worries that I had when I was his age. Now that I've passed the stage I realise how irrational those thoughts I thought about what could have caused this. PRESSURE. It's all the extra pressure that we don't need. 

These are the main worries and let me make you realise how irrelevant they are.

Too Much Pressure
Are you sure about this? What is making you think that there is TOO much pressure? It's simple as, you study to your best abilities, go into the exam and you write what you know. Forget about what everyone else is expecting from you. Think about what you want for yourself. What do you want to achieve. 

"Too Much To Worry About"
There is nothing to worry about! You shouldn't worry about exams in my opinion. I know it's easier said than done.  What are your worries? That you won't pass? You will! If you spend your time worrying you are not going to get anywhere. 

I will Forget
Please don't be scared of exams. There is not a reason to be scared of them.They won't eat you. Your brain contains everything! It won't get lost. You've been studying the content again and again. If there's space in your brain to remember all the irrelevant things why would you suddenly forget everything?  Just stay calm. Put your worries to one side.   

Not enough time
Start early.  However, sometimes you don't manage to do everything. Understandable. In that case do what you can in the time! Stressing about the fact that you don't have enough time is only going to waste more time. Would you rather not know anything or know at least 40% of the content?


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