Monday, May 30, 2016

My Room | University Room Decoration Inspo

Hey guys!

My year at university is almost coming to an end as I am completing my final exams for this year. I sometimes show my room on my snapchats (sc: mathusas) and I received some lovely compliments from you. I love decorating my room! I previously made a YouTube with a room tour. Watch the video and below I've listed with pictures where I got the items from! Hope you enjoy. I'm going to go back to revision now as I have an exam tomorrow.

Diffuser Bottle: Poundland
Diffuser liquid/smell: Vanilla from Primark
Square plate: Tiger
Buddha Statue: Camden Market in London
Ganesh statue - not sure sorry!
Spinning picture frame stand: Tiger
Mirror: Tiger

Weekly Organiser - Chalk Board - Home Decor section in Primark

Earring stand: Primark
Calendar printouts - by a fellow blogger:
Movie Take Board: Tiger

Pillow: Primark
White sheet over the chair: Primark

The photographs were taken by me. White photo frames from HomeBase!

Fairy lights - Primark
Lamp - Wilko
Pillow - Clinton Cards - I think!
Hangable stand below the light: Tiger
Duvet set: Ikea


Thursday, May 26, 2016

How I dealt with ACNE | Progress pictures!

ACNE - it made me cry, paranoid and killed my confidence. Since the age of 11 I have been suffering with severe acne. At some point it was so bad that I hated leaving my house. As a teenager I was a tomboy so I did not really care much about the fact that there was some spots on my face but it was the people who made me so self conscious. Everywhere I went beauticians, people at the shop..literally anywhere. People made comments that deeply hurt me. They would suggest things I should try and honestly I am sure they had good intentions but as someone who has to walk around with this face all the time, it wasn't the first time I heard things. "try washing your face with this___"  - "wash your face more regularly" "don't eat chocolate". If only you knew that I am not even a big fan of chocolate.

The point of this post - Girls and Boys, you can get through this. Just pull yourself through it, don't let it affect your confidence and honestly believe me sometimes it's just an age related hormonal thing. I am almost 20 and my acne is starting to clear naturally but I am doing a lot for my skin as I am aware of the fact of how prone it is to breakouts.

I will soon be writing more about the things I did to start clearing my acne. I have had this very annoying skin condition for almost 9 years so believe me I really do know what it is like and how you must feel.

Please contact me with any questions you have about it and I will write a post answering your questions.

Every single one of you is beautiful and please don't let anything affect you.

Email -


Friday, May 20, 2016

My Healthy Weight Loss Story | BEFORE and AFTER

                                BEFORE  (07/15)                           AFTER (04/16) - 9 months later                                                        
Hey guys!

First of all, I'd like to clarify that I didn't go on a special diet. As you can tell my before and after pictures are not so typical - in front of a mirror. This is because I didn't actually plan this at all.  The main secret to my weight loss is the fact that I gradually lost weight by changing my lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle. The reason I didn't attempt a diet plan is because diet plans are not the way you are meant to live your whole life. They help you lose weight but I wanted something that changed my entire life rather than a few months of it. This is why I call it a healthy weight loss.

It didn't feel like a diet at all. I turned it into a habit. This is the way I live now. Make it a lifestyle, your way of living not a strict diet plan that you will try for a few months.

What did I do?

I ate a lot healthier - ever since I moved out to university and had to cook for myself, I eat a lot healthier. Mum's food included unhealthy south Asian food! I'd eat that once a week.

Eat at the same time - believe me, eating 3 times a day and at the exact same times helps you lose weight so much quicker

Chew more and eat slower - just try chewing more on your food before swallowing! It's as easy as that. Sit at the dining table or anywhere and eat slowly. Don't watch TV while you're eating! You'll eat much more if you eat while watching TV because you don't pay attention to how much you're eating.

Routine - it's all about finding a routine. Don't turn into a robot but try do sports and eating at the same time of the day every week.

Be more active -you don't have to necessarily join the gym and start lifting. Join a sport you enjoy! I joined back into a Handball team and wen't to training twice a week. Personally I prefer that over gym as it's a more fun way of staying fit for me. I do have a gym membership though and go running now and then. I also changed things in my everyday life, whenever I had time I would walk it to places.

DRINK WATER - I can't stress this any more!! I had 2 litre watter bottles lined up, one for each day and I would make sure that I drank one every single day. That's the minimum! I had other liquids during the day too but I would make sure that I did have 2 litres of water.

No unnecessary food - I didn't add cheese to anything, I'd only have it if it's already on it e.g. Pizza, not too many sweets, low carbs.

This is an overall summary of what I did. However, if you do want more detail about something specific do let me know and I will write more detailed posts. I'm not a specialist but I'm willing to tell you about my story and how it worked for me.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Exam Season - FALSE Thinking - Exam PRESSURE.

I know it's difficult. This is me trying to take life seriously and calm the heck down. But exams won't eat you!! 

Hey guys,

I know a lot of you are really busy at the moment. It's exam season. I loved the responses from you guys the last time I wrote a blog post with tips. That's perfect because I am feeling what you are feeling,  I am thinking what you are. After all I'm a student as well. I totally understand the worries going through your head. I am one of you as well. 

When talking to my cousin last week who is a few years younger, I noticed that he has the exact same worries that I had when I was his age. Now that I've passed the stage I realise how irrational those thoughts I thought about what could have caused this. PRESSURE. It's all the extra pressure that we don't need. 

These are the main worries and let me make you realise how irrelevant they are.

Too Much Pressure
Are you sure about this? What is making you think that there is TOO much pressure? It's simple as, you study to your best abilities, go into the exam and you write what you know. Forget about what everyone else is expecting from you. Think about what you want for yourself. What do you want to achieve. 

"Too Much To Worry About"
There is nothing to worry about! You shouldn't worry about exams in my opinion. I know it's easier said than done.  What are your worries? That you won't pass? You will! If you spend your time worrying you are not going to get anywhere. 

I will Forget
Please don't be scared of exams. There is not a reason to be scared of them.They won't eat you. Your brain contains everything! It won't get lost. You've been studying the content again and again. If there's space in your brain to remember all the irrelevant things why would you suddenly forget everything?  Just stay calm. Put your worries to one side.   

Not enough time
Start early.  However, sometimes you don't manage to do everything. Understandable. In that case do what you can in the time! Stressing about the fact that you don't have enough time is only going to waste more time. Would you rather not know anything or know at least 40% of the content?


Monday, May 16, 2016

Coloured Contact Lenses by Vision Direct | REVIEW

Hey guys!

Unfortunately I lost the genetic lottery and I didn't get my grandma's beautiful hazel coloured eyes. So I couldn't resist the temptation to buy coloured contact lenses. I ordered contact lenses from Vision Direct in the colour Pure Hazel. Luckily for me the do one day delivery and I got my order immediately the next day or so. It surprised me that a lot of girls didn't notice at first, esepcially my closest friends. However, they did notice that I did look different and they claim in a good way. Which is great news as I wanted them to look as natural as possible. 

Naturally I have dark brown eyes. After applying the contact lenses this was the new colour. I am so pleased with it! It wasn't difficult at all to put them on. Your eyes do feel dry when you wear them for the first time but you can easily get used to them, Vision Directt allows you to choose the colour, diameter of your eyes and you can get prescription contact lenses as well. 


 My Norwegian friend Eline wanted to get the same colour so conveniently I can show you guys what it looks like on lighter skin. On the right side you can see her eyes after applying the contact lenses. On the left is her natural eye colour. As you can see it looks more green on my eyes rather than brown. On Eline's eyes it looks really light brown or a shade of green.

Either way I think that you can't really go wrong with the colour choice. They usually suit anyone.

If you have any questions let me know!! I'd like to know what you think as well. Contact me on instagram (@undercovermathu) or twitter (@undercovermathu)!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Outfit Inspo!

Hey guys!

How are you guys? I hope you are all well. As you can tell I am feeling quite excited and happy today. To be honest I am not quite sure why but I think it is the sun having an effect on me...It's the time of the year for you girls to start showing skin and feel free and light. Don't you worry about that perfect summer beach body. I will be posting more about this very soon so stay tuned. Today I would like to show you guys some of my current spring outfits if you feel like you need some inspiration in this very confusing English weather. 

Outfit 1 - Ready For Summer 
(For random extremely hot days)

Top: New Look
Shorts: New Look
Shoes: Primark 

Outfit 2 - Feel The Sunshine
(For medium warmth and maybe windy spring days)


                                                        Top: H&M
                                                        Jeans: Topshop
                                                        Shoes: Primark

   Outfit 3 - Chilled Spring Day
               (The casual look for not so warm days)

                                                      Blazer: Missguided
                                                      Shoes: Primark
                                                      Shirt: 7 years old so not sure anymore sorry! But you can style it                                                                     with any similar crop shirt.
                                                      Trousers: H&M


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dark Skinned, 5 Foot and in the Modelling Industry! Surprised?


If you know of anyone or believe that you have a special story to share that you think should feature on my blog. Message me on Instagram: @undercovermathu or drop me an E-mail: 

"Once I stopped seeing my skin colour as a flaw but a gift from God to change society’s view on what it means to be beautiful, the magnitude of my confidence grew."

Hey guys!

It's that time of the month again when I introduce you to someone new, someone inspirational, someone with a story.  "Dark Skinned, 5 foot girl in the Modelling Industry" - don't you think that I sound like one of those judgmental newspapers or magazines. I did this to make you realise what this girl went through all her life. Today I would like to introduce you guys to Sabby Jey. 
She is of Sri Lankan ethnicity and is the child of first generation immigrants. Her parents had to relocate to New Zealand due to the Sri Lankan civil war. 
Being a dark skinned girl who is 5 foot aspiring to be a model is very difficult in the modelling industry. I would like to tell you her story of how she pursued her dream of becoming a model and the problems she encountered on the way and what she is trying to achieve in this industry. Just hang on and listen to this girls' amazing story and you can read my interview with her below! There is SO much to learn from this girl and her story. 

Sabin has always had an interest in the modelling industry but she was afraid of the norms and opinions of society. She originally started looking at online website calls when she was 17 years old. At this point she lived in Brisbane, Australia where she modeled some clothing for the House of Khloe boutique and did a Schwarzkopf hair show. She says that she has never been a very confident girl and she considered herself to be "quite chubby" back then. Among her brown friends and especially boys she would frequently hear comments about being too dark or black and she had to keep her feelings of insecurity to herself. 

When she moved to New Zealand she was rejected by every single agency. During this time she made it her aim to "improve her appearance". She lost 13 Kg, wore make up, changed her hairstyle and started to dress according to what is in fashion. After this she still continued working towards her goals and a year or two after a boutique modelling agency reached out to her in 2014. She received her first modelling job to model a wedding dress for A La Rove, for that year she received a few jobs. She then decided to further pursue modelling in India where her look would be needed.

"I was very surprised when I arrived in India to see how much they differentiate between fair and dark girls. I was literally told I was too dark for many jobs. Compared to western countries, Indian castings state “ FAIR GIRLS ONLY.”  I was shocked and disappointed to see such a backward fashion industry especially in this day and age."
After gaining more experience she managed to sign with a commercial international agency (Joyce Management). She was also a semi-finalist for Miss Universe 2015 New Zealand and she is a semi-finalist this year as well. She will soon find out if she is a finalist. In a month she will be moving to India to pursue an acting career!
" It pisses me off to see  the all of South Indian heroines portrayed as extremely fair, in fact I have not seen a single dark skinned actress rock the screens which is a inaccurate portrayal when a majority are darker skinned. I love my skin colour though it took time to embrace in this society and hope to make a difference in the industry when I join it, I am not sure if I will get any work but I hope for the best and hope to help darker skinned women out there build their confidence."
I believe that if you have a dream or passion that whatever your physical appearance of what others tell you should not impact your decision – screw everybody and do what makes you happy. 

I don't promote swearing but you go girl. Everything she said, the passion, dedication and motivation that comes through in her words really is astonishing.

What inspired you to go for a modelling career?
I guess everyone in life knows what sparks a light and fire in them, like that one thing that makes them super excited or happy to do. I have always been enthused with the fashion industry and was obsessed with Miranda Kerr since I was a teenager. When I realised this is what I like and this is who inspires me, I realised why not try even if it might not work out.

You consistency is very admirable. After all the rejections you still continued and didn't give up. How did you manage to do this? How did you not give up ?
Well I have faced rejection in many areas of my life- Sports teams, part time jobs, boys. When you face rejection constantly, sometimes you realise things aren’t for you, you aren’t passionate about them anymore, you stop thinking or caring about certain things. But with Modelling, it just never left my mind, it was always there through school, university and working in different jobs. So I realised, perhaps this is a sign, if it hasn’t left my mind It means that I fully haven’t seen where it can take me or put in adequate effort to call it quits. I strongly believe in listening to what my heart and soul wants, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t practical or realistic, if shit keeps bothering you, showing up in your dreams or excites you – it’s a sign to pursue it.

Did you ever think about pursuing any other career?
I actually just finished a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and International Business. As you know brown parents are very set on having highly educated kids and I did my degree to please them, I probably would have become an investment banker or something similar. I currently work as an Operations Manager for a modelling agency and for a couple of Brand Experience companies so I did have many options.

Well done and congratulations to you for getting scouted by an agency in India to pursue a career as an actor.  Are you in the position to give us some exclusive details about your plans there? Do you have any movie offers yet, if so which?

I have had a couple of offers but nothing set in stone yet but when it is I will definitely be posting it and giving you exclusive details. I have been scouted and sponsored for my Visa to come to India for 6 months from early June this year till December by a productions company so I can tell you that much.

What made you get back up and feel confident in your own skin again?
You have to love yourself and believe in yourself no matter what, it doesn’t matter how many times you fuck up and honestly I have made so many mistakes that I regret but I know what I want to do with my life and what makes me happy and won’t be satisfied until I have at least tried till I am around my late twenties, if it hasn’t worked out then I’ll pursue a nine to five job and find a husband on a Tamil matrimonial website. 

What would you tell girls who are in the same or similar position as you were?
I would say don’t be afraid to know what’s right for you and to pursue it, it may not always be the most conventional career such as the holy grail of being Doctor, Engineer or Lawyer. Do the things that make you light up and excited, it may just be a hobby but who knows, you could make it your career if you be smart and work hard at it. Also no matter what you look like or what people say about your appearance love yourself and be confident to show the world who you are. People have called me fat, Karrupu (dark), not pretty and man I just have a huge list of insults that have been thrown at me that are way too graphic to go into, but I learned to love myself and find myself beautiful and once I did others saw that in me as well J.

It's very disappointing to see that the industry in India and many other south Asian countries differentiate so much between fair and dark skinned girls. Do you  believe that there will be a future where dark skinned girls get treated equally?

Yes definitely especially with movements such as unfair and lovely and Dark is beautiful gaining a huge following and popularity on social media. As more people take a stand against lighter skin being the definition of beautiful and more darker skinned girls come out as confident and won’t take any criticism about their skin colour I see it happening; I know it will happen.

What would you like to achieve in the next five years?  Where do you see yourself?
Haha to be honest I don’t know how to answer that question. I am going to India to pursue a career in acting so it would be great to see that go well. In terms of commercial modelling I will continue to do that and hopefully see that improve as well. I really want to go to India and make an impact with at risk young women or help women build their self confidence especially as we spoke about somehow changing the general south Asian view of darker skinned women.

She will be off to Chennai in a month.
If you would like to keep up to date with her shenanigans follow her on Instagram: sabbyjeyxx


Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Healthy Lifestyle Tips to get through Exam Season!

Hey guys,

I hope you are all well and still sane because exams are just around the corner. I always say this but exam season is the most important time of the year to be healthy yet that's the unhealthiest time of the year for many of you and I know this because I see it happening all the time!
Whenever I study at the library I see many buy chocolate bars, cookies and maybe a KFC or Subway for lunch. Please try resist and don't do that. 

So during exam season I'm not on a diet but I cut a lot of junk food out of my life. I would not eat anything that isn't necessary. 
I preach this too much but you control your body. The food intake influences a lot. Even when it comes to skin conditions such as acne I always tell you that my food intake is what controlled it the most. 

Things I don't do:

I don't eat chocolate
Don't eat junk food - no fast food , no crisps
No energy drinks
No fizzy drinks
drink anything high in sugar

Things I do: 

I go jogging/workout to relax
I drink freshly pressed juice - Orange, Carrot, Apple juices
I drink smoothies

                                                    (Summer Fruits Smoothie)

I eat in moderate amounts, not too much - eating too much can make you feel tired and you would feel like taking a rest and napping
I eat lots of vegetables and fruits

I keep it pretty relaxed so I'm not too strict on myself because it's not a diet, it's just me trying to have a healthier lifestyle. Do try maintain a healthier lifestyle and trust me you will feel like you have a lot more energy. If you do try this, let me know how you feel about it. Good luck with your revision guys! 


Sunday, May 1, 2016

UK Blog Awards 2016 - Outfit Details

Hey guys!

Two days ago were the UK Blog Awards. Many of you have seen my snapchat story (sc: mathusas) and asked me about my outfit so I thought I'd quickly do an outfit detail post.

My dress is actually the same dress I wore to my school prom last year but as you may be able to tell I have lost quite a bit of weight so it looked slightly different on me. I got it from Missguided.

Dress: Missguided
Heels: New Look
Hair and Make up by Tanzina N. - loose curls, dark lips, exaggerated eyes look
Earrings: River Island
The arm cuffs aren't mine so I'm not sure where they are from.
Clutch Bag: Unze - Westfield, Stratford

This is a short post but that's all I have to say about the outfit. I'll be back soon.


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