Saturday, April 30, 2016

Answering your Question: Why I moved to London

England has brought the Tamil out in me :') Thank you Pothys for this outfit! Details about this look and photo shoot coming soon.

Hey guys!

So recently I gave you guys the opportunity to ask me any questions you wanted. A common question I still get a lot in real life from people I meet is Why I moved to London and how it has changed me. It was my mother's choice to move to London and she did this because she wanted us to get to know our family and culture more. In Germany we didn't have any relatives nearby and although I went to Tamil school to learn how to read and write in Tamil, I can honestly say the experience I am getting of Tamil culture is much different in the UK. Now I know what it feels like to have cousins and aunts around you for support and just spending time together is such a great experience. As well as that the education in Britain is said to be good and at first I found school in this country very easy but that's because I went to a bilingual grammar school in Germany and it was a bit more advanced than my high school in England was.
Whether it has changed me is debatable. I would say that it has in a lot of ways. I was very immersed into German culture because I didn't know any other way, it was just the surroundings I grew up in. Having lived in London especially has made me aware of all the other cultures and I have been able to meet people from many different background and cultures. Hope this answers your question!

To answer another common question - Do I prefer Germany or England - London has opened up many opportunities for me and has helped me in becoming a successful blogger. However, I still speak highly of Germany as if it is a place filled with Gold. After all I spent more of my life there and I will always be glad that I grew up there. Both countries come with great benefits and I have been lucky enough to still get the best of both worlds. Hopefully, England stays within the EU!



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