Saturday, April 16, 2016

A week away from everything | Countryside Lifestyle

Hey guys!

As you may have noticed I have not blogged for about 10 days now. I had end of term tests to complete at university and now I have a month holiday which is not really a holiday for me as I have exams to prepare for and lots of blogging work to complete. So I decided to take off 10 days out of my schedule to just relax. Unfortunately I was not able to leave the country so I decided to leave the busy London lifestyle and move to the countryside with my cousins. They live in a small village up North in Suffolk called Yoxford.
My week of relaxing is coming to an end and I wish it didn't. Unfortunately I became ill towards the end. I now have a very bad cold and due to the high amount of stress in my life lately, I have had to deal with issues with my health. While my health is slacking at the moment, I have had a great week mentally and have been getting good sleep. 

What is it like to live in a village? I can tell you one thing, I would never in my life be able to live in a village. The people in this village are great. It feels like I was part of a great community where everyone knows everyone. The people are very kind and would always help each other out. Whereas in a big city like London you get to see moody not so happy looking tired commuters. However, as relaxing as it is it can get very boring very quickly. We wanted to watch a movie at the cinema and I had to drive with my cousins for one hour to get there! Imagine! If I wanted to go shopping I would have to drive the same distance which is terrible for someone like me. Having grown up in big cities all my life I know that I have become so used to all the stress and being busy. I love being occupied doing something and I take on extra responsibilities even when I have enough to do. Overall the village life is just not for me. I would always come back here to relax and take a break from everything.

Everything here is so old school which I love. The cute little buildings here are so beautiful. I took a set of amazing pictures for my blog. I am back on track now and hopefully won't let my health affect me too much so stay tuned for a few more blogs posts this week!


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