Friday, April 22, 2016

5 Ways I Manage My Workload

Hi guys,

Many of you know that I'm a full time university student, part time blogger - I sometimes work part time as well and I play in a Handball team and contribute as a committee member in university societies such as a the Tamil and Blogging society. The reason I'm writing this post is because I think all of you should pursue whatever you want to. Don't let time be a problem. If you really want to try something or try something new and go for it. you never know what it could lead to.

 Finding time to do everything is extremely difficult as you can imagine. However, I do get all my work done because I do want to be able to do everything. Obviously my education is really important to me but so is getting an income from a job as well as working on my hobby - blogging.

Stay Organised
With everything going on there's a lot of important dates and deadlines to remember. There is no way for me to remember all things without my yearly diary and all the reminders in my room. I write down everything as I have a lot on my mind as it is. 

Plan Ahead
Never leave things till last minute and think ahead. Sometimes I manage to overplan but I'd rather plan ahead and have my ideas and things sorted than be unprepared. 

Use time efficiently
I'm never not thinking about my work so I have a small handy notebook with me at all times which is a great way to put your things down before you forget them. 

I give myself small breaks during the day. At least once a week I chill which is mostly on a Sunday when I treat my skin/body with a small spa routine which I already wrote about.

Be Optimistic
The only thing that gets me through my work is because I try be very positive and optimistic when I get challenged with multiple tasks. Although it doesn't always seem possible to manage the things within the time given I get it done because I make it happen by just believing that it is possible. I may have to cut some sleep out sometimes but I do catch up and maintain my health. At the end of the day it is always worth it. 


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