Saturday, April 30, 2016

Answering your Question: Why I moved to London

England has brought the Tamil out in me :') Thank you Pothys for this outfit! Details about this look and photo shoot coming soon.

Hey guys!

So recently I gave you guys the opportunity to ask me any questions you wanted. A common question I still get a lot in real life from people I meet is Why I moved to London and how it has changed me. It was my mother's choice to move to London and she did this because she wanted us to get to know our family and culture more. In Germany we didn't have any relatives nearby and although I went to Tamil school to learn how to read and write in Tamil, I can honestly say the experience I am getting of Tamil culture is much different in the UK. Now I know what it feels like to have cousins and aunts around you for support and just spending time together is such a great experience. As well as that the education in Britain is said to be good and at first I found school in this country very easy but that's because I went to a bilingual grammar school in Germany and it was a bit more advanced than my high school in England was.
Whether it has changed me is debatable. I would say that it has in a lot of ways. I was very immersed into German culture because I didn't know any other way, it was just the surroundings I grew up in. Having lived in London especially has made me aware of all the other cultures and I have been able to meet people from many different background and cultures. Hope this answers your question!

To answer another common question - Do I prefer Germany or England - London has opened up many opportunities for me and has helped me in becoming a successful blogger. However, I still speak highly of Germany as if it is a place filled with Gold. After all I spent more of my life there and I will always be glad that I grew up there. Both countries come with great benefits and I have been lucky enough to still get the best of both worlds. Hopefully, England stays within the EU!



Friday, April 22, 2016

5 Ways I Manage My Workload

Hi guys,

Many of you know that I'm a full time university student, part time blogger - I sometimes work part time as well and I play in a Handball team and contribute as a committee member in university societies such as a the Tamil and Blogging society. The reason I'm writing this post is because I think all of you should pursue whatever you want to. Don't let time be a problem. If you really want to try something or try something new and go for it. you never know what it could lead to.

 Finding time to do everything is extremely difficult as you can imagine. However, I do get all my work done because I do want to be able to do everything. Obviously my education is really important to me but so is getting an income from a job as well as working on my hobby - blogging.

Stay Organised
With everything going on there's a lot of important dates and deadlines to remember. There is no way for me to remember all things without my yearly diary and all the reminders in my room. I write down everything as I have a lot on my mind as it is. 

Plan Ahead
Never leave things till last minute and think ahead. Sometimes I manage to overplan but I'd rather plan ahead and have my ideas and things sorted than be unprepared. 

Use time efficiently
I'm never not thinking about my work so I have a small handy notebook with me at all times which is a great way to put your things down before you forget them. 

I give myself small breaks during the day. At least once a week I chill which is mostly on a Sunday when I treat my skin/body with a small spa routine which I already wrote about.

Be Optimistic
The only thing that gets me through my work is because I try be very positive and optimistic when I get challenged with multiple tasks. Although it doesn't always seem possible to manage the things within the time given I get it done because I make it happen by just believing that it is possible. I may have to cut some sleep out sometimes but I do catch up and maintain my health. At the end of the day it is always worth it. 


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Exam Anxiety | My Clinical Hypnotherapy Experience

Hey guys!

It's the time of the year where most of us just want to bury our heads away from all the work and hide till the summer. Whether High School, Sixth Form, College or University. At all levels intense preparation is required for the exams. For me it has never been as easy as it sounds. Studying then completing the tests. Being someone who is overly organised and a perfectionist I get easily worked up and stressed about exams.
So when I was given the opportunity to take part in psychological research to hopefully reduce my exam anxiety I was totally up for it. From a young age I have been very anxious before and during exams. Sometimes my mind just goes blank or I seem to think that it has even when I know the whole content off by heart and fully understood everything minutes before the exam. From studying Psychology at A Level I already heard and knew that hypnotherapy is a quite effective kind of treatment and it is definitely better than taking drugs for things such as anxiety. I have previously seen people getting hypnotised but somehow I refused to believe that it would be possible for someone to hypnotise me. I felt like I was going to be stronger or more resistant to it.

 However, after my first session of hypnotherapy I felt like all the worries and stresses in my life had fallen off my shoulder. I am always in a rush when I am walking. That day I felt like just taking my time. My head felt so light, not empty but light. I was still aware of the exams that I had to study for and the blog work I had to complete but it felt possible to complete everything without any worries.
Soon I realised we are in control of our brains. It will do as told. I know  that I knew this already but somehow hypnotherapy gave me the prove for this. Soon after my 3 sessions of hypnotherapy I had to complete my Maths and Chemistry module exams at university. I didn't shake, my mind didn't go blank, my heart wasn't racing. I have never been calmer before in my life. My point is clinical hypnotherapy is amazing and I wish this was readily available to all students. It only took 3 sessions to "fix me" and I was also taught very simple but effective breathing techniques which I am still using. Hopefully, I will notice some changes and still feel as calm in my main examinations.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

A week away from everything | Countryside Lifestyle

Hey guys!

As you may have noticed I have not blogged for about 10 days now. I had end of term tests to complete at university and now I have a month holiday which is not really a holiday for me as I have exams to prepare for and lots of blogging work to complete. So I decided to take off 10 days out of my schedule to just relax. Unfortunately I was not able to leave the country so I decided to leave the busy London lifestyle and move to the countryside with my cousins. They live in a small village up North in Suffolk called Yoxford.
My week of relaxing is coming to an end and I wish it didn't. Unfortunately I became ill towards the end. I now have a very bad cold and due to the high amount of stress in my life lately, I have had to deal with issues with my health. While my health is slacking at the moment, I have had a great week mentally and have been getting good sleep. 

What is it like to live in a village? I can tell you one thing, I would never in my life be able to live in a village. The people in this village are great. It feels like I was part of a great community where everyone knows everyone. The people are very kind and would always help each other out. Whereas in a big city like London you get to see moody not so happy looking tired commuters. However, as relaxing as it is it can get very boring very quickly. We wanted to watch a movie at the cinema and I had to drive with my cousins for one hour to get there! Imagine! If I wanted to go shopping I would have to drive the same distance which is terrible for someone like me. Having grown up in big cities all my life I know that I have become so used to all the stress and being busy. I love being occupied doing something and I take on extra responsibilities even when I have enough to do. Overall the village life is just not for me. I would always come back here to relax and take a break from everything.

Everything here is so old school which I love. The cute little buildings here are so beautiful. I took a set of amazing pictures for my blog. I am back on track now and hopefully won't let my health affect me too much so stay tuned for a few more blogs posts this week!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Home Spa routine | Ooharr Clay Face Masks Reviews

Hey guys!

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday over here which instantly boosts my mood. If you follow me on snapchat you may have realised by now that I have my own Sunday Spa every single Sunday. For those of you who didn't know I suggest you add me snapchat to stay updated!

Snapchat: mathusas

I usually have a very busy week with Blogging, University life, studying and all the extra curricular bits I do during the week. As you may know I used to suffer with severe acne at a young age so I am used to looking after my skin quite a bit. I am happy to say now that my acne has improved a lot and my skin is slowly healing after a few horrible years of consistent breakouts.

My routine isn't very long at all and I like to keep it short because I have things to take care off on Sundays as well.

  •  I apply a face mask. I have a variety of face masks but today I'd like to review the Ooharr Clay Face Masks. They were so lovely and sent me 3 of their best masks.

What I love about these masks is that they all have lovely vibrant colours and smell so delicious yet they only use natural ingredients and no artificial falvours or colours!  I have had a great experience with these products, my skin feels great afterwards and I haven't experienced breakouts with any of these masks whereas in the past I have experienced minor breakouts when using some masks.

Star Glow - Star Glow has an amazing smell!! It has honey and aloe vera in it. The smell of honey on your skin is so super sweet and it was extremely difficult to not be tempted to taste it - please don't try it as tempting as it is. Honey on its own has amazing properties and combining all these natural ingredients just makes the perfect mask.

Rose Glow - This is my favourite mask out of the three I tried. I loved the way my skin felt after using it. It has a nice girly pink colour, smells lovely and leaves your skin as baby soft as possible. Rose is the key ingredient in this product and as someone who uses rose water daily I was very excited to try this and it did a great job.

Dead Sea Cooler - This mask has a refreshing lovely minty smell and has a cool turquoise colour.                                      Once applied you can feel your face cooling and after removing it you can feel                                      all the extra heat in your body just streaming out.

I will definitely stock up on these masks,

  •  I have a lovely hot shower. Massage my feet. Apply body oil and skin creams and relax for a bit before continuing with my work.

I guess this routine is what keeps me sane in my busy hectic lifestyle. Hope this helps! Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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