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Personality of the Month - The Life of A Social Butterfly

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I would like to introduce you guys to a new series on my blog called Personality of the Month. The internet is blooming with all these humble new coming artists who are greatly talented or come with the intention of making a change and sharing what they have to offer to the world. This is why I would like to share with you guys new talents or outstanding people every single month. After interviewing the talented makeup artist Vithya (VithyaHairandMakeUp), I got a lot of positive responses from you. If you think there is someone I should know about and write about or interview please feel free to contact me or send me an email on

Now this month, I would like to introduce you to Swarnaa or also known as the girl from The Life of a Social Butterfly. She has recently started making videos on YouTube. There is a lot of youtubers out there but I specifically chose to interview her. This is because she is a very positive person and really stands out with her attitude towards life. Someone who is trying to make a change in the world. Whenever she gets the opportunity to spread awareness about an issue or to help someone via the power of social media, no doubt, she will do it. She has visited orphanages, raised roughly $3000 for charity and is always open to help others.
Swarnaa was born in Sri Lanka but moved to New Zealand at the age of one. At the age of five she then moved with her family to Australia where she lives now. She is currently completing a Bachelor degree in Business and Commerce majoring in marketing.

You can read my interview with her below and get to know her a little bit more. I am glad I had the opportunity to get to know her online and maybe we will meet one day. I have attached her social media handles below so do make sure that you check her out! 

What inspired you to start making vlogs in the first place?

 I have always loved expressing myself and entertaining people. I've tried various platforms until I discovered YouTube. My first video was completely unplanned. I was going through a phase where I loved photography so I had a camera on me while I was at a beach. I thought I would "practice" vlogging just to get a gist of it. While this was happening there was a seagull drowning because it was stuck a bit of fishing and so it wasn't able to fly. I decided to vlog the whole process of helping that sea gull. I went home and edited the footage just for fun. After showing it to a few mates they encouraged me to post the video online.  The response was pretty awesome so I guess that's how my whole channel started . You can watch the video here -

Do you have a specific goal that you are working towards?

My goal is to live a comfortable and happy life. It doesn't matter what I'm doing I just want myself and my close ones to be happy and healthy. From an ambitious point of view I just want to keep developing and growing my channel. Life is full of surprises so I'm just ready to take up new opportunities and just enrich my life with new experiences. 

 What are your expectations of yourself in your life? How far do you push yourself?

I think each and every person in this world is capable of achieving so much and making a really positive impact in this world. I just want to use the skills, knowledge and experience that I have and use it for a good cause. 

You are a quite positive person. How do you deal with negative energy around you?

I stay positive by practicing all that I do in a positive way. I try to have positive conversations with those around me, read positive things online, complete positive acts of kindness and just spread positivity in every way possible. At the end of the day it's all in our mind. So we need to train our mind to see the positive side of things. Of course I have days or moments when I'm not so positive. It's just about finding something that can make you happy in unhappy situations. My brother keeps me grounded and although he has a disability where he can't talk, just being in his presence makes me forget about all my worries. If not that, editing a video makes me super happy as well. I guess it's finding that person, activity, place, song, food or thing that will make you happy and take your mind away from the negativity. 

Have you experience any hate or negativity from people since you started your vlogs?

Absolutely. When you put yourself out there on a global platform in which people interact with you or your content from behind a screen you are definitely at high risks of hate comments etc. However, my channel is still pretty small therefore I haven't received too much hate but I have here and there. I practice the concept of eliminating whatever is toxic in your life. If something is negative in your life and you have the ability and control to eliminate it then do it. That way you won't focus on it and it won't consume your mind. I think it's important to know the difference between hate comments and constructive criticism. If the comment does not benefit you in any way then pay no attention to it. 

We are both almost grown women working towards something in an industry. We are both from a Tamil background and I noticed that some of your videos are about the Tamil lifestyle. So I am wondering what is the Tamil community like? Are they supportive, do you get specific questions about your videos? 

 A lot of my viewers and supporters are Tamil due to the type of videos I have posted thus far on my channel. They're super supportive and it's just incredible to see support from Tamil people from all around the world. People I have never met in my life, message me telling me how much they enjoy my videos and how they find it so inspiring to see a Tamil girl on YouTube. In regards to the Tamil Uncles and Aunties - they started to know about my channel when my parents featured in a few of my videos. The 'How Not To Bake a Cake in a Tamil Household' video really got my mum famous ahaha and the Tamil Amma and Appa Sing/Dance got my dad famous. A lot of Tamil Uncles and Aunties have expressed their support and told me how much they have enjoyed the videos. I think one of the most common questions I get is how my parents responded when I started a YouTube channel but I've finally answered that in this Q&A ;) 

 {Swarnaa visited an orphanage in Sri Lanka, 2015}

The Life of a Social Butterfly

Instagram: @thelifeofasocialbutterfly


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