Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Teenage Fangirl of: JUSTIN BIEBER!

Hi guys!

Have you ever seen those little teenage girls at the front row of concerts that scream out of their throat like mad and even cry when they see their idol, love of their life also known as a celebrity. They fangirl over them and believe they are their world and one and only and maybe one day he/she will even marry them. The celebrities life is very important to them. They feel like this person has saved their life or has changed theirs in a good way. You are part of a fanbase - Arianators, Directioners, Beliebers or Monsters. You carry that name as a proud title, you feel like you belong to a group.  - Do you know how long it took me to write that description of a typical fangirl? Less than one minute. There is only one reason for that - I was or well am one of them. That was the extremes of it, that's how 11 year old me was. If you were not a fangirl ever it sounds crazy to you doesn't it? To be entirely honest I am honestly fully proud of it and I am glad that I admired Justin Bieber the way I did. He inspired me in many ways and most people only remember the bad things about him in the past because the media portrayed him in that way. Recently he has been getting good attention from the media and suddenly everyone loves him - I would feel silly if the media had that much control over my opinions of someone. I judged for myself and decided I loved him haha.

The reason for why I'm writing this post?

It is Justin Bieber's birthday!!! Happy Birthday to one of the most inspiring people to me. Just like the past 7 years he won't see this post but he has been an important person of my teenage years and this being my final year of being a teenager I am truly grateful and took time to write about this important part of my life as teenager.

I had the time to make birthday videos for him!! - That's how I learned video editing skills and here I am 5 years later making youtube videos!! 

 Haha oh no rebel me worse a Justin Bieber T-shirt under my school uniform haha I can't laugh at my own silliness.

Was I ever gonna stop wishing him luck...

 Oh no the desperate phase.....7 years later he still doesn't follow me. How sad is my life lol. 
Keep dreaming girl...Remember the song Omaha Mall?!

You see that link in the bio? Yes that's a blog I dedicated to Justin Bieber. That's another set of skills I got. Here I am 7 years later writing on a blog which is growing by the minute. Although I taught myself, or Justin Bieber never even acknowledged or knew about my existence in any way just being an obsessed teenager that loved him made me try these new things such as blogging. 
You dream...you think...you BELIEVE HAHAH. To me it's funny now back in the day I was deep in it. It was of great importance and shaped me as a person. Thank you Justin. ♥ 



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