Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What to expect from UndercoverChick in 2016!

Hey guys!

New year, new me? No...scrap that. I am not going to write to you about my new years resolutions since I do not really have any. Why? As a blogger I am constantly working on my blog. I am always thinking about new creative content and about how to become the best version of myself. Following the new year, just 14 days after a new number, age, follows me as well. On the 14th January I turned 19. The last few weeks I was not producing much content for you guys to read but I have set my ideas and goals. I also gave my blog a massive makeover. So what can you expect from me this year?

  • I will be travelling! You will find out where and when soon.
  •  Blog Awards - Yes! Thanks to you guys I am a finalist in the UK Blog awards 2016 and I will be attending the awards ceremony.
  •  More posts from and about Germany and many more recipes, more reviews
  • YouTube! I have been blogging for many years now but I am completely new to YouTube. Watch me learn my way through it and hopefully you guys enjoy my videos.
  • More about my University life
  • Weekly blog series - things nobody knows about UndercoverChick. My blog is not just called UndercoverChick for the fun of it, there is a reason for it! 

So prepare yourself for a new exciting year on UndercoverChick.
Soon I will be coming back for more - this isn't 2015 anymore so when I say SOON, I really mean SOON. Sooner than you could imagine. :-)


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