Wednesday, February 17, 2016

MY FIRST EVER - Blood Donation!

Hey guys!!

Guess whaaaat - today I had my first ever blood donation. I was looking forward to doing this for several months now. Believe it or not the appointments for blood donations get booked out really quickly and I had to book an appointment 3 months ago for April! Luckily for me someone cancelled their appointment and a new appointment slot to donate today was free.

Why Donate?
The real question is, why not? You aren't really losing out on anything! The blood you donate gets replaced by your body anyways. Donating money may be financially not always possible for me but as I know that I'm fit, healthy enough to donate and I am not scared of blood or needles so there's no valid reason why I wouldn't want to help someone who may need my blood. Also donating blood requires you to drink lots of water and everyone knows that I love water haha so why not. After all if anything happened to me and I needed blood I would accept someone else's blood. So why not give - if I would take? I am not trying to sell this to you but I just want you guys to see the kind of thought processes I had before donating blood. :)

What happens?
Well the whole process took about one hour. However, the actual blood donation process only took about 6 minutes for me. It depends on how quickly your blood flows out really. It can last somewhere between 5-15 minutes. In my opinion it was not painful at all. Yes it does sting for a second when the needle is inserted into your skin but I find the pain of getting a piercing worse. Before you donate blood you will have to fill in a form about your medical and travel history as these may affect whether you are entitled to donate. If you have recently travelled check online on there website whether you can donate yet. For example I travelled to Sri Lanka last summer so I was not suitable to donate for 4 weeks. They also check your hemoglobin to see whether you have enough Iron in your blood. The nurses talk you through everything and are really nice.

How do you feel afterwards? 
I donated a few hours ago and here I am continuing my life normally and writing a blog post. To answer your question - I feel fine. You feel a bit light headed after donating blood but it does not last too long. I ate and drank plenty of water before and after.

For me it was an exciting experience and I will definitely donate regularly from now. I will be donating in 4 months again as you can donate every 4 months. I hope this post gave you a rough idea about what happens. If you have any questions feel free to message me. :)
If you are interested and live in the UK check out the blood donation website for more information -


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