Friday, February 5, 2016

Chapter 19

Hey guys!
3 weeks ago a new chapter in my life began, It's somehow tradition for me to be so late that I always upload my birthday pictures/posts/vlogs in February when my actual birthday is in January. Oh well, like I always say - better late than never aye?
Luckily, my birthday is not during University term time so I get to spend it at home in London with my family and friends there. I went for a dinner and cocktails night with the girls. There was two parts to the night. We first went to Carluccio's a well known Italian restaurant in South Kensington to have dinner. It was good catching up with the girls since this is our first year in University so we had a lot to talk about and catch up on. We then went to Buddha Bar which is also in Chelsea. It is a beautiful, oriental themed restaurant with a bar. Although, everyone there was quite posh and we almost felt out of place, as we sometimes like to remember that we are students on a budget. It was a lovely evening with my friends.
As soon as I got back to University, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that everyone would be up for partying after being away for 4 weeks. But then again when are students not up for partying? {...says the the girl sitting in front a laptop typing up a blog post on a Friday evening...} 
Here are some pictures from the two nights!


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